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Shawna Bluestar Newcomb is an inspirational speaker ushering in a great shift for higher consciousness. She is a visionary women's leadership and business consultant, with a focus on holistic well-being, spirituality. Shawna speaks to rising to your full potentialShe stands committed to supporting and empowering her clients to find greater self-acceptance, and self-love, and to learn a new perspective on the world so they can thrive with well-being and abundance in all aspects of their lives. She has dedicated her work to help bring change and healing for humanity, the planet and future generations. Shawna is the founder of Elevate-Authentic Leadership Consulting. She empowers women as Changemakers to release their fears and blocks, live with greater purpose, share their unique gifts and voice, and rise as leaders in their lives, community, and the world. Shawna trains groups and individuals in higher consciousness in a variety of topics including: women's issues, feminine leadership, youth leadership, cultural diversity, ancient and Indigenous wisdom principles, intuitive healing, holistic well-being, wealth consciousness and business development. She speaks and leads workshops at universities, festivals, and community events. Shawna's inspirational universal messages of love, respect and reverence are both timeless and timely in healing our modern world today. Shawna helps to lead a global movement for conscious change with her father, Steven T. Newcomb, (author, speaker, filmmaker) sharing ancient and Indigenous wisdom teachings. They speak about The Doctrine of Discovery, and The Domination Code. They share ancient sacred knowledge which has the benefit of restoring balance, wellness, healing and mastery with a truly authentic part of you. Shawna teaches The Reverence Code, and how to move out of The Domination Code, and navigate these changing times with
greater compassion, peace, fulfillment, love, joy, connection and purpose. 

Shawna Bluestar speaks and co-facilitates events with her father, Steven T. Newcomb 

Shawna Bluestar Newcomb


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Steven T. Newcomb

Featured Events
Next Global Call Sept 19th, 2020 - 3pm PST
Mother Earth Delegation of United Indigenous Nations
hosted by The Fountain & Center for Sacred Studies

with Indigenous delegates Shawna Bluestar & special guests
Coming Soon-The Shift Summit & Music Festival - Sept 18-21, 2020
An Epic 4-day Gathering of Changemakers Lighting the Way to a Better Future
Interview with Shawna Bluestar & Steven Newcomb Sept 20th
Red Nationi Film & Television Network
American Holocaust Series
Panel Discussion with Shawna Bluestar & Steven T. Newcomb
logo (1).jpg
The Oregon Country Fair
Spoken Word

with Shawna Bluestar & Steven T. Newcomb
Transforming Racism The Shift
The Shift Network presents a Special Live Series
Transforming Racism

Interviews with Shawna Bluestar & special guests
GIWS image 2.jpg
The Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit
with host Shawna Bluestar by The Shift Network

Interviews with Shawna Bluestar & special guests
first voices sbn.jpg
First Voices Radio on WPKN, New York
with host Tiokasin Ghosthorse
Interview with Shawna Bluestar & special guests
Wikipolitiki Show with Steve Bhaerman 
aka Swamibeyondananda
From Domination to Reverence
with Shawna Bluestar and Steven T. Newcomb
Going Beyond Medicine Radio Show 
with host Elaine Grohman on Empower Radio
Women in Our Changing Times with Shawna Bluestar

Leading A Global Movement

Shawna Bluestar and Steven T. Newcomb speak out about The Doctrine of Discovery,
sharing a book & film, teaching about The Reverence Code for healing alternatives

Read Steven's acclaimed best-selling book, Pagans in the Promised Land. 
Watch Steven's film:
The Doctrine of Discovery:
Unmasking The Domination Code
(directed by Sheldon wolfchild)

Steven T. Newcomb (Shawnee/Lenape)  visits Pope Francis,

The Vatican City 2016 to speak about his 40-year campaign

photo by William P. Laronal

Lectures, Book & Film featured at:
Parliament of World's Religions
United Nations
Conscious Life Expo
KPFK radio in Los Angeles
Oregon Eclipse Festival 
Oregon Country Fair
University of Oregon
and many more
Archive of the Indies, Seville, Spain

Facilitating Groups
Adult & Youth Workshops & Retreats

Adventures & Retreats

Topics Include:

*The Great Shift & You- Healing messages for humanity & the Earth

*Decolonizing Your Life-Healing the World

*Women's Empowerment & History
*Balance of the Sacred Feminine & Masculine

*Honoring our ancestors, Honoring the Earth

*Honoring our body wisdom

*Overcoming Overwhelm in a fast-paced world

*Trusting our intuition-a practical approach

*Sacred leadership & humanity's future

*Spiritual & holistic wellness perspectives

*The path of sacred feminine leadership & Women Leading the Way

*Women's circles and related topics

*Deeper spiritual connection and greater joy

*The Doctrine of Discovery Film & Talk

*The Reverence Code & The Domination Code

*6 Keys to Empowered & Balanced Living
*Befriending Your Shadow-personal/global healing

*Dreams, Prophecy & Ancient Wisdom

* Breaking the curse of negative self-talk

*Finding resilience in times of uncertainty

*Ancient & Indigenous knowledge & wisdom

*Cultural diversity & sharing our history

*Conscious leadership & business mindset  

*Wellness for body, mind, spirit

*Sacred relationships & sacred purpose

*Art of Reciprocity & Paying it Forward

*Conscious relationships & communication

*Mindfulness, meditation for well-being

To Schedule Sessions with Shawna:
Call 971-801-8830
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