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About Shawna Bluestar Newcomb

International Visionary Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Practitioner
The world is changing rapidly, and we're here to evolve, grow, awaken, express, and best of all, to learn to love deeply, passionately, and find our bliss! I know change can be tough, so I'm here to help. It's what I love to do.
Shawna is an internatioal speaker and featured at universities, festivals and community events, on radio, and as a guest and host for online summits. Shawna (Shawnee, Lenape) is dedicated to supporting seekers, changemakers and visionaries who want to make a positive impact to live their true calling and share their unique gifts living their purpose and dreams. She works with her father to help lead a global movement for conscious change to speak out on The Doctrine of Discovery and Domination Code. Shawna is a creator and facilitator for her ground-breaking programs, The Reverence Code Reset, and Sacred Feminine Rising. She supports people around the world to rise above anxiety fear and  imbalances in our lives and move forward with authenticity, courage and inspiration to be the change and live into their infinite possibilities.
In today's world, we've been conditioned to believe in limitations and lack, and that magic isn't real, miracles aren't possible, or that success is only for a select few. We've been taught that humans only use 10% of their brain. We admire superheroes with superpowers, and put stars, athletes, or talented musicians on a pedestal.  I believe it's time to see life and the world from a new perspective, and what's truly possible for you! I speak, I write, I teach, and offer healing, guidance, and tools to help people move toward higher consciousness. I enjoy working with people from all walks of life to support you on your path to fulfilling your goals and dreams. 


 My passion is to help set you free; from pain, suffering, grief, and uncertainty or the pain of not realizing your passions, dreams, and visions. I want you to experience transformation; to feel empowered and inspired to live your best life, to move from fear into love, to create a positive impact, to be the change. My own journey has been full of challenges, heartbreak, pain and trauma, and a desire to support others to help ease their pain. I'm grateful for the success I've gained through resilience, for incredible teachers, training and experience since my early teens. I'm doing what I love; it's my honor to 

offer guidance and healing to help others thrive.


I've learned that when you release what no longer serves you, and open up to your authentic power and purpose, you create alignment to rise to your limitless potential. You feel more energized, joyful, inspired, peaceful and fulfilled. Once you're in balance, things line up,

doors open, miracles occur, and abundance flows. Life supports you to manifest your dreams into reality. It's my joy and honor to show you how

this can benefit  you, and how to create your own personal plan of action. Let's explore how I can help you break through your pain and fear so you can 
create powerful results that light you up.

What's keeping you awake at night?
Ready for a powerful breakthrough?
Ready to free yourself from anxiety, fears, grief or the inner critic's limiting beliefs
of self-doubt, or sabotage holding you back?
Release shame guilt & overwhelm.
I offer a sacred space without judgement

for you to honor your self-care,
to heal, thrive, and expand

in life, energy, relationships,
leadership or business.

Let's customize a plan to help you find more balance, joy, vitality and abundance.


What extraordinary gifts do you have locked inside to share?

Now is the time to celebrate who you are,
trust your intuition, align with your purpose, and freely express your authentic gifts and voice into the world! You are brilliant!

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Featured Events
Next Global Call Sept 19th, 2020 - 2-4 pm PST
Mother Earth Delegation of United Indigenous Nations
hosted by The Fountain & Center for Sacred Studies

with Indigenous delegates Shawna Bluestar & special guests
Sept 18-21, 2020
The Shift Summit & Music Festival

Interview with Shawna Bluestar & Steven Newcomb 
Transforming Racism The Shift
The Shift Network presents a Special Live Series
Transforming Racism

Interviews with Shawna Bluestar & special guests
The Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit
with host Shawna Bluestar by The Shift Network

Interviews with Shawna Bluestar & special guests
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Indigenous Wisdom for these Times- Sept 12th
Saturday Night Alive for the Global Peace Tribe
presentation with Shawna Bluestar & special guests 
logo (1).jpg
The Oregon Country Fair
Spoken Word

with Shawna Bluestar & Steven T. Newcomb
Saturday Night Alive for Global Peace Tribe
with Shawna Bluestar & special guests
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Happy Clients

Spot on gift of intuitive healing

"Special thanks to Shawna for her gift of intuitive healing. For her ability to connect within my own self and assist me in my own healing and guidance. Gratitude for bringing forth that self-forgiveness I was needing"         

~John, Brisbane, Australia 

One of my go-to people

"Shawna brings great insights and perspectives for life.

She is one of my go-to people when there is a bump in the road in my life." 


~Athena, Taiwan

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Inspirational Online Courses

Join Our Global Movement for Conscious Change
Empower yourself with profound hidden history & learn why your voice and gifts matter even more!
Watch Steven's Newcomb's film:
The Doctrine of Discovery Unmasking The Domination Code (directed by Sheldon wolfchild)

Steven T. Newcomb (Shawnee/Lenape)
with Pope Francis (Vatican City)

photo by William P. Laronal

 Featured at: Parliament of World's Religions, United Nations, Conscious Life Expo, Oregon Eclipse Festival,
Om Times Radio, Wikipolitiki Show, KPFK Radio, Los Angeles, San Diego State University, Turtle Lodge Canada,
Red Nation Film Festival, 
Going Beyond Medicine Show, University of Oregon, First Voices Radio, Oregon Country Fair,  
Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit with The Shift Network, Humanity's Team, Center for Sacred Studies & many more
Discover the hidden history behind what's you holding back, and break free from the root of suffering. 
Shawna Bluestar joins her father, Steven T. Newcomb, (internationally acclaimed Shawnee, Lenape speaker, author, legal scholar and film maker) to share profound hidden history that has touched the hearts of thousands of people around the world. The ongoing social, ecological, political, and economic crises have created uncertainty, and division among people. Steven and Shawna share a powerful paradigm shift to reveal the root system behind current and past issues of oppression, injustices; domination and dehumanization. They share an untold history of Indigenous peoples, and hidden truths behind the current imbalances of all peoples, and our planet. They promote unique insights for conscious change. Shawna provides workshops and sessions for empowerment
sharing life changing healing alternatives, based on her work with The Reverence Code.

Many people say this work from Shawna Bluestar and Steven Newcomb
and their unique insights have been life-changing for them.
This profound perhas changed the way they see their life, and the world for the better. 

Mr. Newcomb began his tireless and arduous efforts for  this campaign 40 years ago, including researching, writing, and speaking out about the negative effects of the doctrine of discovery, and domination. In 1992, Mr. Newcomb began to travel with this message, and partnered with his friend and mentor Birgil Kills Straight, (Oglala, Lakota Headman).
They called upon the Vatican to revoke the Papal Bulls of Domination and dehumanization, and their work has become a global campaign. Mr. Newcomb's best-selling book, Pagans in the Promised Land; Decoding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery shares his decades of research. The book is celebrated by universities, spiritual communities, Indigenous nations, activists,
and people throughout the world. In 2015, Mr. Newcomb released the award-winning film, titled, The Doctrine of Discovery: Unmasking the Domination Code,
The film is directed by
Sheldon Wolfchild and narrated by Academy Award-winning Cree singer, Buffy Sainte-Marie.  

Learn how this profound wisdom can help set you free and empower you in all aspects of your life.  Read More
Testimonials for the best-selling book
Pagans in the Promised Land
by Steven T. Newcomb

"Revolutionary. This book is a game-changer, very well researched, and made it

accessible to non-lawyers to understand the information."
-Lisa B. 

"Every educator or world peace advocate must read this book. Passionate and compelling..."

-Lauren C.

"One of the most important books in a long time. We need to understand how this doctrine of domination has affected our development as a

country if we expect to

heal and make amends..."

-S. Moyoyu A. 

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