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Find Your Bliss!
Learn Secrets of The Reverence Code

Discover the Path of the Heart for Our Bright Future
Ancient Wisdom For True Liberation
& Success
to Thrive in Today's Changing World

Are you seeking support in life; clarity, wellness, purpose, relationships, spirituality or healing?
Break free of what's holding you back: patterns of trauma, shame, grief, fear, anxiety or anger
Elevate & Empower your life with transforsmational sessions, spiritual guidance,  courses & more
Support for individuals, couples, groups; energy healing, transmissions, classes, workshops & retreats.

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What People are Saying :
I hope that Shawna can always lead this course, as the world needs us to re-discover our authentic Self so that we may more fully participate and co-create a more beautiful world during this Great Shift. If we feel called to heal the world, we must first heal ourselves, and Shawna's course offers a transformative experience through awareness of our conditioning so that we may discover what is truly authentic and life-affirming. Through the work of her father, Steven Newcomb, and his book and film, we learn about our untold history which plays out to this day in our cultures and in our minds and keeps us bound. Shawna gently invites us and guides us to explore within ourselves, and already here in our world, all that which is Life-affirming. She generously shares her wisdom, her messages, her joy. I cannot imagine how I could truly be a loving and healing presence in co-creating a more beautiful world for All without having taken this course. Thank you Shawna! This was a life-changer for me. I strongly recommend this to every person, for their healing and for building community and a beautiful world.
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Ready to transform fear, anxiety & uncertainty into greater clarity & happiness ?
Say yes to your true purpose, deeper meaning & fulfillment in all aspects of life for deep liberation.

Beach Meditation

Sessions with Shawna Bluestar

What does it mean to thrive in today's world?
Conscious Living, Intuitive Healing & Guidance Sessions. Transformation for Mind, Body, Heart,
Soul & Spirit + More!

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Tune into epic events!
Shawna speaks on a variety of topics. Learn how we can all be part of the solution that's needed now in this time of 
Be the Change! 
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Thrive in 2024 & Beyond
Conscious Leadership & Healing Series
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Sacred Feminine Rising Course
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Summer Mentorship with Shawna Bluestar
@ incredible value & savings
RSVP by May 11th 5pm PST

Join us Sun May 12th
@ 9:30 am PST, 5:30 pm BST
Mother Earth Delegation Global
Join Delegates & Elders
from the 4 directions
Call for Global Healing, Support
for All Peoples, Beings, Lands, Planet & Future Generations
Join us Sat May 18th
2 pm PST, 10 pm BST


Learn About our
Global Movement
for Conscious Change. Healing solutions for All peoples, beings, planet & future generations

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Shawna Bluestar Newcomb is  opening hearts and minds across the world as an international keynote speaker, visionary, healer and spiritual guide. Shawna is a featured speaker, host and workshop facilitator for universities, spiritual groups, festivals, global events, summits, radio and podcasts. She works at the intersection of social justice, deep spirituality, personal transformation and holistic wellness. Shawna offers her healing sessions, classes, and retreats based on her teachings of The Reverence Code, inspired by ancient knowledge and wisdom. She is dedicated to her work to bring healing for all peoples, beings, the planet, and future generations. She works with her father on a global movement for conscious change. Shawna believes in the power of people coming together at this time for personal and collective healing. She is passionate about the work of spiritual transformation and visioning a brighter future together. Through her classes and sessions, Shawna assists people to find true fulfillment; to release their blocks, find deep acceptance, and embody their purpose, so they can share their unique gifts and voice, and make a positive difference on the planet.
Schedule with Shawna:
You help us  keep our work going. We are so grateful for your generous contributions to help us continue the work my father, Steven Newcomb, Steven Newcomb began over 40 years towards healing and education on the Doctrine of Discovery, and domination. We provide a path forward to find resilience and thrive in the often chaotic and confusing times of great changes. We're committed to a vision of peace and healing for All peoples, beings, the planet and future generations, connecting with The Reverence Code, based on the mystic path of ancient knowledge.
Thank you. Wanishi.

Receive updates of our upcoming news, articles & events
Your privacy is important & your information will not be shared

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