With Shawna Bluestar Newcomb & Special Guests

The Changemaker's Course

The Reverence Code Reset

Explore the Mystic Path

Are You Feeling Called to Bring Healing to the World?

*Are the latest headlines keeping you up at night?
*Are you feeling heavy with uncertainty about the future?

*Are you concerned about climate change, social justice, racism, human rights, equality, the future generations?

*Are you questioning the status quo?
*Are you passionate about social, and political change, spirituality, or higher consciousness?

*Are you seeking truth, healing solutions and answers?

Would you like to transform anxiety, grief, anger, fear or uncertainty into 
greater peace of mind, joy, purpose and meaning?

You may feel called to make a difference in your life, the world or your community. Simple actions and tools can create a ripple effect for big changes. 

Your extraordinary voice and unique gifts can help create a brighter future. 
You are rising as a shero or hero here to help change the world at this time.

We're all in this together. There is a new way! 

Simple Actions Can Create Powerful Ripple Effects for Great Change
What Causes Are You Most Passionate About?

"Never Doubt that A Small Group of committed, thoughtful citizens
can change the world; indeed its the only thing that ever has" -Margaret Mead
A Short Video with Shawna Bluestar

The Changemaker's Course

The Reverence Code Reset
Explore the Mystic Path

A Ground-Breaking Online Series

with Shawna Bluestar Newcomb & special guests

Learn the Secrets of The Reverence Code

Wisdom of the Ancients

About the Course:
-Find greater resilience in the fast paced changing world
-Rise above heaviness of fear, shame, guilt, and grief
-Decolonize your mind: learn hidden history for liberation
-Take steps to heal personal and collective grief
-Learn to identify The Domination Code, and empower your life
-Experience a deeper spiritual connection, peace and reverence
-Step into being a greater healing source in the world 
-Improve your self-care, vitality and energy with simple practices
-Experience a deeper spiritual connection, peace and reverence
-Enhance your intuition and experience greater self-trust
-Learn to practice deeper compassion and mindfulness
-Find more self-trust, joy, love and balance
-Discover the power of words shaping your reality
-Learn the secrets to manifest and dream a brighter world
-Explore how you can change your story and the collective
-Learn ancient prophecy about this pivotal time
-Improve your life with the 8 secrets of The Reverence Code
-Gain wisdom from Indigenous elders, visionaries and healers
-Connect with a community of supportive conscious changemakers

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What if you had a map to navigate these changing times? 
Discover a powerful blueprint to transform your life, relationships, work, and the world.

"This is a time of coming together for the healing of all peoples, all beings, and our beloved Mother Earth."

Koyaanisqatsi-is a word from the Hopi nation. The Hopi Prophecy speaks to this time, 
Life out of Balance. We are invited to come back to harmony and balance again. 

Life Out of Balance
Imbalances are impacting the modern world on every level

Symptoms of The Domination Code:


-On a personal level-our bodies, hearts, spirit, minds, trauma

-On a social level-our relationships, careers, abundance, communities

-On a global level-divisiveness, social issues, rising tension, ecological

The modern world has fallen out of harmony, humanity has fallen asleep, feeling lost and confused, and many people are angry. There is sickness in the mind, body and spirit. There is destruction across the land and sea. Many people don't know who to blame, so they blame each other.
This is not helping to create positive change we want to see.

The time has come for us to reflect on a deeper level-at the state of our lives, and our world. It's time to consider our future generations. We are living in a time of Life Out of Balance. Our ancient ancestors knew a different way of life. They knew the beauty of life in harmony and balance with all things. A deeper connection to Life, the Earth, and The Great Mystery. They knew this time would come. The prophecies speak about it. 
We are All being called to create positive change. 
Looking at the state of the world as a whole today can feel uncomfortable. It's hard enough to look at personal growth, and looking at the problems of the world can be difficult. There are so many challenges, social injustices, violence, war, genocide, school safety, poverty, hunger, animal extinction, ecological crisis.
The list goes on and on. Many people want to avert their eyes, and turn a blind eye to the concerns of the world. Some people give up and feel it's hopeless. With more distractions in the modern world, the cycle continues, not only with destruction of the earth, but with humanity on a large scale. The good news is: there's a big change in consciousness, people's heart
s are opening up, and people are coming together in a new way. It's great to see people are remembering neighborly goodness.
It's powerful to see and yet it's important people begin to see how each personal choice makes up the whole.
When people can begin to work together,
we can make a big difference. 
The Invitation: 
You were born for this time, It's your time to Shine!
With all of the current polarization, angst and blame in the world, how can we come together? It can be confusing and frustrating to look at the world and wonder how we will move forward. Fortunately, people all over the world are awakening. They see the injustices, and the imbalances in the world, they feel concern for the planet, and want to make a positive difference. This is conscious evolution in the making. There are many symptoms with this awakening. For some people it can be painful, or emotional, for others ecstatic, and above all it's confusing to our 'human conditioning' -the way we've been taught to see reality.   

World feeling upside down? 

Let's Turn it Around!

The Universe is inviting you to make conscious choices and live your purpose to help bring about great change and healing at this pivotal time. This is a time of remembering. Many people are feeling a profound calling to do something significant, to live a higher calling. This often feels like it's bigger than you. This is all part of The Great Shift. People are having profound spiritual experiences, things once buried are coming to the surface, (shadow) people have unexplained coincidences, synchronicities, opening to intuition. This is happening around the world. Prophecies have predicted these times. This is a great awakening on a personal and collective scale to help bring healing to humanity and the Earth. It can be challenging and require deep change. You may be called to release some things and share unique gifts; living your purpose is part of this powerful change and your voice is needed. This is a time for emerging heart-centered leaders like you to shine! Let's empower you with inspiration, a map, tools & wisdom to support and guide you on your path of awakening to a New Earth. 

The Great Shift-Awakening to a New Earth

Life out of Balance-The Domination Code
Effects on our World
As you walk on the sacred path, treat each step as a prayer ~Black Elk

A Modern Portrait of The Domination Code & Reverence Code 

By Steven T. Newcomb & ​William "Pila" Laronal

“Original Free Nations Anthem” 

This short video is intended as modern example
to the domination and dehumanization that’s been happening
for more than five hundred years as a result of The Doctrine of Discovery.

This is a tribute and dedication to Standing Rock and the Oceti Ṡakowin 

(Seven Council Fires of the Great Sioux Nation) and their supporters, as well as our ancestors and "All Our Relations." Mni Wiconi-Water is life. 

Move From Patterns of Oppression to Empowered Liberation

Join Our Global Movement for Conscious Change

Read Steven's acclaimed best-selling book, Pagans in the Promised Land. 
Watch Steven's film: The Doctrine of Discovery Unmasking The Domination Code (directed by Sheldon wolfchild)

Steven T. Newcomb (Shawnee/Lenape)  visits Pope Francis,

The Vatican City 2016 to speak about his 40-year campaign

photo by William P. Laronal

Lectures, Book & Film featured at:
Parliament of World's Religions
United Nations
Conscious Life Expo
KPFK radio in Los Angeles
Oregon Eclipse Festival 
Oregon Country Fair
University of Oregon
and many more
Archive of the Indies, Seville, Spain

Shawna Bluestar joins her father, Steven T. Newcomb, (internationally acclaimed speaker, author, legal scholar and film maker) at the forefront of a global campaign to spread awareness about the negative effects of The Doctrine of Discovery. Mr. Newcomb began researching and writing about The Doctrine of Discovery 40 years ago and has been a tireless advocate for Indigenous nations and peoples for decades, with a best-selling book, Pagans in the Promised Land, and popular movie, The Doctrine of Discovery: Unmasking the Domination Code.  The Doctrine of Discovery is responsible for slavery, genocide, domination, dehumanization and destruction of Indigenous peoples and lands around the planet and continues to this day. It has destructive repercussions for all people and the planet today regardless of background. In 1992, Mr. Newcomb began his campaign speaking about The Doctrine of Discovery, which has now become a global movement. Mr. Newcomb's work has led him to world stages, as a keynote speaker at the Parliament of World's Religions, work with Indigenous leaders, the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, a meeting with Pope Francis in 2016, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. His life work is widely supported throughout the world as a focus at major universities, and churches throughout the world have adopted resolutions against The Doctrine of Discovery. Mr. Newcomb was featured in the movie 'Spirit Games', and his work was a focus at Standing Rock with over 500 clergy people speaking out against the doctrine of discovery.


During this time of planetary, ecological and social crisis, Steven and Shawna recognize the importance of getting to the root system behind The Doctrine of Discovery to unmask The Domination Code. Their work now takes a focus to spread awareness to end destructive patterns of The Domination Code, and how to live in balance to bring healing for humanity and the planet with The Reverence Code; inspired by our Indigenous ancestors.


Shawna grew up with a very different perspective on history with her father, which led her to further research and studies about hidden history. Shawna shares decolonization education and how to return to wisdom and balance.
with her leadership program The Changemaker's Course.  Learn how to unravel Life out of Balance; and connect with discover a deeper spiritual perspective on the fast changing world.  Returnrn to peace, joy, love, purpose and connection to help you thrive in these times of uncertainty. Be the change to build a brighter future in the world.

The Changemaker's Course

The Reverence Code Reset

Explore the Mystic Path

Deepen Your Connection with Nature, Spirituality, Great Mystery
and Sense of Oneness

 Connect with ancient & Indigenous wisdom & empower yourself with healing practices for mind, body, spirit

Learn simple tools to Release Stress, Anger, Trauma, Grief & Overwhelm 

Understand life from a new perspective, increase 
compassion to improve relations & communication

Open the door to spiritual guidance from your dreams and ignite your innate intuitive gifts

Become a leader in your life promote healing in your community & the world with greater impact & meaning

What's truly possible when we all work together? 

Benefits of this Series

What Participants are Saying

"I have new tools with which to manage my ego or inner critic.
This lesson yielded instantaneous results for me and I am deeply grateful."

"Before starting the course, I was feeling very old, tired, and jaded about the state of the world and the future. Within weeks my outlook has turned around and my vibrations are much higher, and I feel this is just the beginning. Through some of the exercises I was able to identify ways in which my thinking was limiting me, how experiences - even from early childhood- dictate my interactions and choices now. I have new tools with which to manage my ego or inner critic. This lesson yielded instantaneous results for me and I am deeply grateful. The process is ongoing and I continue to identify “upside down” thinking both within myself and externally in the world around me. I was able to see why the world works the way it works a little bit more clearly through better understanding of The Domination Code. By “shining some light on the darkness” I no longer feel powerless or that the world can’t heal. By focusing on the Reverence code I feel more and more hopeful and more empowered to bring change. I am very excited to move forward into the next year with this knowledge and the practices I have been given.   - Carrie, Oregon

"Learning about The Reverence Code has such a balancing effect!
Deeper contentment and many collaborations have unfolded for me while the world has gone through the dramatic changes in the past months." 

"I came to Shawna’s course having been on a journey of coming to an understanding of the need for decolonization and my position as a first-generation Settler and knowing there was a good deal more to learn and process. The conversations and expansion of community through this co-collaborative time spent with Shawna, the other participants, and the bonus session with her father Steven deepened my sense of connection with, to and in the world, opened my senses, sense of possibilities, and love for the world. It further shifted my outlook on many things including an awareness of language and the systems of domination we have all been caught in. Learning about the Reverence Code has such an important balancing effect! Because it is life sustaining and nurturing it opens the creation of a new story. Deeper contentment and many collaborations have unfolded for me while the world has gone through the dramatic changes in the past months. As ever, it's the simple things that are most profound, a lesson
I have often taught but also grateful to learn over and over again."    -Andrea, Canada

Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together, all things connect.   ~Chief Seattle                             

The Changemaker's Course

The Reverence Code Reset

Explore the Mystic Path

A Ground-Breaking Online Series
with Shawna Bluestar Newcomb  & special guests


Be part of the healing solution
Find greater joy, freedom, peace, inspiration, connection, purpose,
& help co-create a brighter future!


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Next 8 week online course begins Oct 27th 

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Mni Wiconi (water is life for everyone)

"Let us put our minds together & see what life we can make for our children.

-Chief Sitting Bull

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