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Readings, Intuition, Healing & Messages

Tuning into Higher Wisdom of Love, Energy & Miracles

You were born for this time. It's your time to shine!
We are in a Time of Transformative Change
for Personal & Collective Healing

What is
The Great Shift?

What is awakening in you? You have a purpose & extraordinary gifts to share.
There is a great spiritual awakening happening all over the world, this is
'The Great Shift'. It is also known by ancient and Indigenous peoples around the planet as The Great Turning. This is conscious evolution in the making, not only on a personal level but a collective scale. It is unique to each person and goes beyond any one particular faith. More and more people are feeling called to make a positive difference to help humanity and save the planet. This is a time of great changes and requires a paradigm shift in how we see reality.

Many people may be feeling the symptoms of awakening but do not recognize it. 
It can feel very confusing. It can feel like general discontent; you're no longer satisfied with achievement, you're opening to something bigger. 

You may feel very emotional, or reality as you've known it may feel upside down.
Your life my be changing dramatically, with transitions.
Time feels like it's speeding up, old systems are falling apart. 
Many people share that they're having profound spiritual experiences, unexplained coincidences, synchronicities, and opening to intuition but they don't know who to talk to about it. This is all very normal and natural, and yet it can feel scary to our 'human mind' without guidance. The Great Shift began in 2012, and we're seeing it in full swing. This is healing the divine feminine, and reunion with the divine masculine to bring harmony to humanity and the Earth. We're seeing this being reflected in cultural changes with women stepping into their power. It's good to see that men are opening up too. This is a time of restoring authentic power and reconnecting the mind and heart. Each person holds a small spark for powerful change, and your voice is needed. This is a time for emerging leaders to shine! Fortunately, you don't have to walk this path alone. 
Shawna offers guidance and tools to support you during
this time of great change. 

Support & Guidance with Shawna Bluestar

Intuitive Healer, Medium & Spiritual Guide
Advocate for personal & global awakening
-Are you wanting an intuitive reading, message,
or healing for clarity or closure?

-Would  you like support after loss, or
feeling overwhelmed by grief of a loved one?

-Do you have questions, concerns,
or interest to know more about intuition? 
-Do your empathic, intuitive or mediumship
gifts feel too much at times?
-Are you wanting to learn more about spirituality,
dreams, or energy healing?

As human beings, we all have empathic, intuitive, and healing gifts, and yet as a whole society has conditioned most of us to shun or fear such things, or believe that it's just our imagination. It's an important function to have a spiritual connection, just as we sleep, eat and breathe each day. We can all benefit from knowing this part of ourselves. We've all had a sense of danger, or as parents a knowing to check on our kids, or a loved one. This is part of our inner wisdom, also known as our gut feeling.

If you feel uncertain but curious about this area, I can relate. For years I was scared to accept and develop my own intuitive, healing, and mediumship abilities, until I began to see how much it could help others, and bring miracles into my own life. More people today are waking up to synchronicities, profound spiritual experiences, or intuitive awareness, metaphysics, and even mediumship, and it's not as weird, or creepy as society has made it out to be. It can be fun, healing for yourself, and loved ones, and helpful to build self-trust. Imagine feeling more confident in the areas of work, business, relationships, abundance, clarity of life purpose, and more. It can feel overwhelming at times, without guidance, tools, and support. It is my joy, and honor to support people in this area,
and to connect people with loved ones in Spirit. 


I love empowering people to understand and develop their own innate intuitive, healing gifts, and learn tools to develop them. I've learned over the year that part of living an extraordinary life is knowing that we are all interconnected, and we are divinely connected to Spirit, the Universe, and energetic fields. I love that quantum science can now show how this works. What I most enjoy is the immense Love, peace, comfort, support, and deep healing there is once we connect in this way. It's my honor and joy to support you
on your journey to bring messages, or explore your gifts & purpose.

It's my honor and joy to be in support of you in connecting to your deep inner knowing, wisdom and spiritual guidance. 


Tune into Universal Messages & Higher Wisdom

Messages from Beyond
Shawna has the ability to see, hear and sense subtle on subtle levels. She shares profound personal or collective messages from the Universe, and Spirit for individuals, groups or audiences that bring healing, comfort, and deep understanding.
She provides a bridge for healing. 

From Deep Reluctance..
From a young age, Shawna had a deep empathy, and compassion for the suffering of others. Shawna experienced profound dreams and spiritual experiences. Before her teens, she began receiving spiritual messages about 'The Great Shift', the dramatic change in consciousness we are seeingFor many years, Shawna resisted accepting or sharing her spiritual gifts. She was skeptical, scared, and yet also curious to learn more about her intuitive gifts. Once she began to learn deeper history behind the oppression of ancient, mystic, and sacred healing she understood the importance of all people waking up to their own spiritual capacity; intuitive and healing abilities. This requires letting of ego and surrender to higher source wisdom. Shawna has had profound and prophetic dreams about the future, a deep compassion for all life, and people,  the trees, plantlife animals, and the earth. She has had  deep intuitive knowing, and a clear connection with Spirit througout her life. This was not something she readily embraced. It was terribly uncomfortable for her as a child, and for many years.

To Compassionate Messenger
Ultimately Shawna's sensitivity, compassion, deep empathy and intuitive connection has allowed her to be a bridge and catalyst to empower others to open up to their own intuition, and profound spiritual experiences. She now believes it is essential for all people to realize their intuitive and spiritual nature as a way to bring balance to all aspects of their lives, and for the great collective healing that's needed now. After a severe car accident, she realized the importance of helping people with her gifts even more. She now sees that as she shares her gifts with others, that allows others to accept and share their spiritual gifts too that creates collective healing. Shawna understands the deeper connection with her Indigenous heritage and her spiritual gifts which she knows can help others. Shawna is inspired by the vision of people creating a ripple effect of 
healing around the planet!
Intuition 101-A New 'Normal'

We all have an innate GPS system designed to help us
navigate the world. Some people say, 'trust your gut',
your instinct, or your inner knowing, this is your intuition. Social conditioning has taught to doubt ourselves, to reject our intuition, to say it's just your imagination, or a coincidence, or some have even  called these natural abilities 'evil'. Yet despite these judgements, or dismissals, your intuition is a necessary instinct for your own safety. It is your connection to your true north, your most authentic true self. It is also a guiding connection to Source, universe, Higher Wisdom connection and guidance.

We are now in a time of great changes, and it's time to look at a practical approach to intuition. Humanity is evolving, we can now overcome past stigma and fears about intuition. More people are waking up to their intuition, and they have a lot of questions.
You may be waking up to spiritual gifts and feeling confused. You're not alone, this is very common. Perhaps you've felt fear of judgement from others, perhaps you judge yourself, perhaps you wonder if something is wrong, due to societal conditioning.
Keep in mind that opening to your intuition is a good thing.  It is developing a new type of trust with yourself, as well as healthy boundaries. This can be new territory for many people.

It helps to have support and guidance as you're opening up. It's about trusting yourself, and knowing how to set boundaries. Once you learn guidelines, and practices to keep you centered, it can be fun and exciting. Intuition is invaluable to help you navigate your life. If you're disconnected from your ntuition,  it can be a sign of disconnection from your true self. This can leave people feeling anxiety, stress and fear, until we learn listen to tune into inner wisdom. Once we begin to access our intuition life is full of synchronicity, joy, love, connection and miracles.

As the entire planet and all peoples are in a time of great evolutionary awakening, we are simply coming back to what is true and inherent within each person. This coming back to ourselves, is part of what's needed for the collective healing on a global scale, to remember what has been lost in the past. This is a time to celebrate that we are all experiencing a spiritual awakening on a global scale, so that we can come to a new awareness and higher wisdom with a deeper regard, compassion and reverence for all peoples, nature, the earth, and
future genearations to come. 

Readings, Mediumship, Clearings & Healing

Activate Your Intuition

Spiritual Gifts Package

Discover the power of your innate intuition

 -Ignite your intuition and spiritual connection
-Access and develop your spiritual gifts
-Learn how to trust to your inner GPS for clear choices
-Listen to the messages of your dreams
-Release any fears or judgements you have
-bring in renewed energy, strength & vitality
& much more!

Confidence Builder
 & Wellness Energizer

Feeling overwhelmed, burned out, stressed or tired?

Ready to increase energy, vitality and strength?

-Release Stress, Anxiety, and Blocks 
Reset from Emotional or Limiting Beliefs

This Healing energy balance session
can help you let go of what no longer serves you
so you can move forward with your goals & life in ease
Awaken to greater peace, well-being, and bliss

one-on-one or group coaching sessions are available by phone, in person, or by Zoom conference worldwide


or Home Blessing 

During a time of grief, uncertainty or change receive a powerful personal message or guidance to bring healing
to help you move forward

-connect with your loved ones in Spirit 

-find comfort, peace, guidance & support
in a profound & often humorous way. 

VIP Package:
Spiritual Spa Day

A day of transformation customized to meet your needs and goals

Enjoy your special day of renewal, healing & restorative transformation

-rebalance mind, body, spirit.
-Can include an intuitive healing, mediumship, personal reading, energizer reset, coaching & steps to move forward 

Want to know what to expect in a session?

Training to Activate Your Intuitive & Healing Gifts

woman spiritual.jpg
Would you like to deepen your spiritual connection to trust, and develop your intuitive abilities? Everyone has intuitive and healing ability when given guidance & tools.

Shawna has a wealth of information, resources, guidance, practices, and spiritual messages to support you on your own miraculous adventure in these ancient mystic healing arts. 
Shawna is open to general questions about Spirit, intuition, mediumship, metaphysics, spiritual teachings, healing, guides, earth spirituality, dreams, ancient knowledge, there are so many topics to explore, and so many questions- learn more about Spirit, , ancient wisdom, mediumship, intuition, healing, and more. Shawna sets high intentions and boundaries, and does not predict the future. She is interested in your personal and spiritual growth, and helping you find peace, joy, healing, closure, and empowerment in your life. 
schedule one-on-one monthly guidance sessions in spiritual development or energy healing
 certifications are available upon request
Schedule with Shawna:
Shawna is available for speaking events, consulting, classes, spiritual guidance readings and healing sessions.
Available for online speaking events, supporting individuals, couples & groups.
Learn More at:

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