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Sacred Feminine Rising
Women's Empowerment & Healing Immersion
for Soulful Gifted Creative Womxn, Professionals & emerging Entrepreneurs

Welcome Sister,

-You're a trailblazing awakened woman with

unique gifts, visionary dreams & a big mission.

-Do you feel a yearning to live your purpose, be in service, and make a big contribution in the world?

​-Are you ready to stop playing small, holding back,
or hiding out?

-Are you ready to ready to release your fears and blocks,

to make big leaps personally, professionally

& spiritually in your life? 

Now is the time! The Sacred Feminine is Rising...
A new earth is emerging

It's time to reclaim your authentic power, honor your visionary healing gifts, and embody your Goddess Shero within...

Let's open the door to your Greatest possibilities!

A Great Shift is happening; women are awakening all over the world feeling restless with a deep call to share their healing gifts. We're seeing powerful cultural shifts, women are called to rise up and speak out. Now is the time to step into your sacred feminine power, authentic authority and leadership.
Ancient prophesies and elders say the future of our world depends upon it!​

This is your invitation to receive support, guidance & healing on your path...


Are you ready to say Yes to your purpose, big dreams & possibilities?

Join us for this Healing & Empowerment Program

We are Now Enrolling for Autumn 2023
Orientation Class Begins Oct 1st.
Jump in Now! Very Special Pricing Available!


Beloved Sisters - of diverse and various backgrounds
You are Welcome - Celebrating You Here!

-Do you feel a yearning to live your purpose sharing your healing gifts, voice & wisdom?

-You've had success with acheivement, but want to shift from ordinary into the extraordinary?

-Do you desire freedom, balance, joy, abundance & fulfillment?


-You're different, you always have been, you're sensitive, intuitive,

and you think outside the box. 

-Perhaps you've been on the path of personal or spiritual growth
for years, or perhaps you've had a shift and are just getting started

-Perhaps you're emerging as a visionary leader or entrepreneur


-Have you felt like something was wrong with you, or have you

been labeled too sensitive, too 'woo-woo', or too much?​​

-Have you been finding yourself hitting the snooze button
with stepping into your life's path, work or purpose?

-You may be successful yet do you still find yourself running patterns
of self-doubt, shame, guilt, imposter syndrome, feelings of unworthiness?

-What unique, rare, & precious gifts and wisdom do have locked inside that can

bring healing to the world? 

-What beautiful music, poetry, or powerful messages do you have to share?

-This is your time to Shine Brighter than ever before.
The World needs your Gifts, Voice & Wisdom!

This is an invitation to release your inhibitions, and fears and activate your hidden potential.
To step onto the mystic path of conscious living, leadership, and expansion. Inside each and every one of you is more light than you have ever known, more greatness than you can now fathom. This is what I see in you, and what is calling to you now. You are meant to shine your healing gifts into the world, Sister. When we all come together, we can create a brighter future.

With Deep Love & Celebration for You,
Shawna Bluestar Newcomb

An Invitation...

Unlock Your Inner Goddess Shero

-She is the one inside you alive with wisdom & authentic power!

-She is the embodiment of creative genius &

artistic self-expression

-She is overflowing with vitality, radiance, joy & abundance!

-She is bold, beautiful, and sexy, unapologetic in her sensuality,
living from her greatness & speaking her truth!

-She is independent & free, but also deeply connected to

her friends, loved ones & community

-She is tapped into the spark of the Universe,

trusting her intuition, sharing her spiritual gifts

-She is full of passion, living her purpose &

takes pleasure in living life fully

-She has courage, strength & resilience to rise above

obstacles & challenges

-She is brave enough to scale high mountains, or

explore the dark depths of her soul

-She knows, loves and accepts herself on all levels &

has the ability to light up a room

-She is a changemaker, visionary or luminary leader

inspired, giving & in service to others


-She is crystal clear on what she wants and goes for it

without fear of mistakes

-She is calm in the storm of daily dramas &

filled with peace, love & bliss

-She understands her unlimited capacity to

create the life of her wildest dreams


-She is the Shero within, the inner Goddess

-She is incredibly powerful & has the unique ability

to attract life’s magic & miracles!

-She is unstoppable, saying YES! to life &

life supports her with her big vision!


Isn't she beautiful, powerful & amazing - She is You!!

All my Love, Shawna Bluestar

Imagine what you can do & accomplish in your life & the world once you embody your inner Goddess Shero sharing your unique your life, community & the world?

Wherever You Are is Perfect

Awakened Woman-
You’re awakening, feeling called to be in service, seeking a deeper spiritual foundation, truth & wisdom, opening to your intuition & purpose wanting to live a more balanced conscious life & make a difference.

Empowered Woman-
You’ve been on the path for some time, you’re tuned in wanting to live your purpose & develop your sacred gifts so you can feel more confident sharing your gifts in service in the world.

Expanding Woman-
You’ve been on the path living your purpose, you’re ready to bring your gifts to the world in a bigger ways. You want to feel unstoppable in life, leadership, business creating a powerful legacy.

Sacred Feminine Rising
Women's Empowerment & Healing Immersion
for soulful Gifted Creative Womxn, Professionals & emerging Entrepreneurs
Celebrating & Supporting Women, Girls & Sisterhood in All Forms!

Remember & Reclaim Your Connection to the Sacred Feminine

Women around the world today are awakening to an inner pulse, there's an inner calling to return to something powerful, ancient and  sacred. We are being called to what was lost years ago that must return to bring healing to humanity and the world. At one time, the Goddess was known and revered throughout the entire world, and the Earth and humanity knew balance, peace and harmony.
For thousands of years, women were once respected as healers, herbalists, midwives, and leaders aligned with their true power and strength. This is your true nature, your Goddess power within.

The Goddess is rising again. This brings balance for all of the world.

Trust your Intuition & Spark your Creative Genius...

Woman by The Sea
Fit Girl
  • Embody the full healing expression of your true feminine power

  • Say yes to total well-being body, mind, heart, spirit soul & more

  • Gain greater self-confidence and courage, self-love & trust 

  • Understand the powerful connection you share with the planet

  • Release deep limiting beliefs and heal the feminine wounds

  • Connect with the hidden history of women and Goddess power

  • Gain tools & practices to trust your intuition and inner wisdom

  • Release negative self-talk, fear, imposter syndrome & self-doubt

  • Gain ongoing support, and community connections

  • Come into a place of balance, vitality, strength & radiance!

  • Understand your innate healing feminine power & abilities

  • Thrive in all areas of your life!

  • ​​Find the courage to take your next big leap

  • Align with your authentic Goddess (Shero) power!

  • Live a lifestyle that truly lights you up & shine into the world!

  • Activate your Bliss Blueprint-passion project for success  

  • Stand fully in your self-worth & increase your abundance!

  • Share your gifts, voice & message in a fun, powerful, visible way

  • A 6-month supportive container to help you spread your wings!

  • & so much more!

Young Hip Female
Woman Musician
Woman by the Water
Woman Painting
Modern Young Girl
Smiling Mature Woman
Happy Woman
Walking on the Beach
Beloved Sisters - of diverse and various backgrounds
You are Welcome - Celebrating You Here!

Say YES to Bold  Beautiful Life! 

What would your life look like with courage to reach new heights?!

The Power of  Sisterhood Healing Circle Events

Down through the ages, ancient cultures knew what we have since forgotten....the healing nature of circles.
The sacred circle is a powerful and ancient symbol representing life, balance and harmony.

The Power of Sisterhood 

What if you had a community of women

to lift you up ? ​

-Imagine a circle to support, nurture, empower & honor awakening women from all walks of life. 

-Imagine healers, teachers, intuitives, artists, musicians, writers, dancers, creatives, grandmothers, and

mothers of all ages.

 -A sisterhood of like-hearted women passionate about 

global healing wanting to make a difference in the world.

- Imagine a community of conscious women empowering each other in their unique beauty,

and natural intuitive gifts.

-Imagine a community honoring & celebrating their awakening within, and connection to the

Great Mystery, magic & miracles of Life. 

-Imagine a sisterhood of women rising together in their greatness to better the world! 

Ready to Unleash Your Bold Feminine Leader Within?

Shawna Bluestar Newcomb

(Shawnee Lenape, Zapotec)
International Speaker, Visionary
Consultant, Advocate for women

Intuitive Healer, Medium
Mentor & Spiritual Practitioner

Now is the time to release all fears, inhibitions, and false limitations,

to step forward into your sacred feminine power and strength.

It's a different kind of power and strength; one that's rooted in the heart.

Once you sweep aside all irrelevant banter and release what no longer serves us,

a clear knowing settles in: this is a time of great and wondrous change,

and women are leading the way. 

It’s time for women to rise up and come together, to stand in your greatness,

and shine your light with purpose! This is a call to all of the sheros hiding out, holding back, playing it safe. Now is the time, to come up and out, to be a voice of change, of hope, love & light. It’s your time, sisters! 


Ancient prophecies, elders and world leaders have said for centuries that this time would come, and the importance of women stepping into your authentic power, to help heal the world. This is a new time, when women around the world, come back to yourselves, unite in sisterhood, and bring about important and

much needed change; for healing the planet and people.

We're seeing the changes now! The Great Shift is Here!


The world is ready for you to tap into your greatness, speak your truth, share your healing gifts, and live your purpose. This is your time to shine!

You’re not alone. Together We Rise!

With Love, Shawna Bluestar

Ready to Elevate to New Heights?

Beloved Sisters - of diverse and various backgrounds
You are Welcome - Celebrating You Here!
Sacred Feminine Rising
Women's Leadership & Healing Immersion
For Soulful Gifted, Creative Womxn, Professionals & emerging Entrepreneurs
Now Enrolling for the Sacred Feminine Rising Course Autumn 2023
Orientation Class Begins Oct 1st.
Jump in Now! Very Special Pricing Available!
 Registration is open for successful women like you on a spiritual path.
Ready to Embody your Sacred Feminine Power, trusting your intuition, and standing in your authenticity, purpose, sharing your unique gifts, voice and wisdom?
This is your time to co-create the life you love most, AND make a Big Difference the world needs now!


Receive the benefit of personalized sessions
Shawna is currently offering personalized sessions as available with the course.
Shawna offers 1:1 private coaching for women of all backgrounds ready for more in your life,
Now is the time to celebrate who you are, live your soul purpose and realize your big dreams! 
Schedule with Shawna:
Shawna is available for speaking events, consulting, classes, spiritual guidance readings and healing sessions.
Available for online speaking events, supporting individuals, couples & groups.
Learn More at:
Connect with Shawna:
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To Support Our Work

We are so grateful for your generous contributions to help continue the work of my father Steven Newcomb's legacy and global movementof over 40 years towards healing and education on the Doctrine of Discovery, and domination. We provide a path forward to find resilience and thrive in the often chaotic and confusing times of great changes. We're committed to a vision of peace and healing for All peoples, beings, the planet and future generations, connecting with The Reverence Code, based on the mystic path of ancient knowledge.
You help us  keep our work going.
Thank you. 
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