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More people are waking up to the importance of healthy lifestyles. Living a balanced life is key to becoming the most effective in our lives, leadership, and business. Over past centuries there's been a disconnect between body, mind and spirit with a primary focus on physical senses. This has left humanity and the earth itself in a downward spiral of imbalance.  As more people are waking up to unchecked prejudice, implicit bias, and racism subtle forms linger on. Many of these holistic practices originate from these ancient and Indigenous cultures around the world, and hold the key to what people seek, balance, peace, joy, energy, and fulfillment. 

Fortunately new science is finally catching up to what ancient wisdom traditions have been saying for millenia, that the Body-Mind-Spirit are connected, and one system, energy connects everything. Einstein and Tesla understood the secrets of the Universe as the ancients did, that everything is interconnected with energy, frequency and vibration. Connection with our innate Spirit and intuition are vital to navigating the changing world. Spirit and intuition are simply an innate part of who we are. Without them we are lost and left stumbling around in the dark which leads to imbalance, anxiety and disease. How is the typical modern lifestyle working with artificial food, pollution, prescription pills, humanity and the Earth out of balance? Our emotional body gets blocked with negative thoughts, stress, and toxic collective conditioning, this can translate into weight-gain, confusion, anxiety, depression and dis'ease'. It's time we illuminate our lives and begin to see what's been missing. Practices once shunned as 'woo woo', weird, or 'witchcraft' are the very practices that have and can benefit our lives, and our planet. This lost history is not widely known or recognized. Acupuncture, Yoga, plant medicines, meditation, and mindfulness have become more widely accepted and understood, and people celebrate the benefits. Practical spirituality is simply direct connection with the sacred in your daily life in your own unique way. This can be incorporated into whatever your personal belief system is. Spirit-infused success lights the fire, passion and purpose in your life on a new level. Your natural spiritual connection opens the door to boundless living, miracles, and your infinite potential!

The Path of Personal, Spiritual & Intuitive Development
 is about courage and authenticity, and exceptional experiences

You have the power to make big changes in your life, given good tools, insights, and support.
What areas would you like support with?

Melt Stress, Anxiety & Pressures

Find Relief with Powerful Tools

Heal Karma & Strengthen
Family Connections

Deepen Your Connection & Love in 
Conscious Relationships

Connect with the Inner Shero 
Find Courage in Leadership

Heal from Grief, Loss, Pain
Receive Personal Divine Messages

Elevate Your Voice

Rock Your Growing Edge

Reset Body Mind Heart Spirit
Raise Your Vibration & Energy

Shine Bright & Share
Your Unique Gifts & Talents

Want more options?
Energy Balancing Reset
As we move about the modern world, far too often we can
get cluttered with negative thoughts and emotions,
to-do lists, anxiety, and more pushing us to go faster.
Modern science now understands what ancient traditions
have known for millenia, we have a bioenergetic field that surrounds us, and everything. When our energy field gets cluttered, it can lead to fatigue, anxiety, depression, and eventually illness and dis-ease. Acupuncture and related practices have now become more widely recognized in modern society for their wellness benefits, which are based on ancient wisdom and medicine from at least 5,000 years ago.
Ancient wisdom traditions throughout the world understood the energetic body, and the connection with overall well-being for body-mind-heart-spirit. When your energy is aligned you're more at ease, radiant, focused, authentic and lit up. Each energetic balancing sessions is unique gentle and effective to clear stuck energy, release negative emotions, relieve stress, to come back to a more balanced, grounded, centered, radiant you. Shawna is certified and trained as a Holy Fire Reiki Master Trainer, in medical intuition and holistic wellness. She works intuitively with clients in each session and often combines multiple modalities, including messages and a wellness plan with follow-up tips and recommendations. 
Gifts from Our Ancestors 
The great awakening into conscious living and awareness is a return to what ancient wisdom traditions have known since time immemorial. Humanity and the earth cannot continue on with the personal and collective imbalances we are experiencing. The Great Shift is a way for balance to be restored to humanity and the earth. This is an invitation to each of us to understand and reconnect with the very essence of Life, Nature and ourselves in deeper ways. Shawna shares practices, tools, and wisdom of the ancients,
 she encourages her students and clients to learn about their own heritage and ancestors. She shares simple daily activities to help you maintain balance and harmony in all aspects of life. These consistent practices becomes
a way of life with profound changes.

Discovery the Power of Subtle
Healing Energy Balance Sessions, Tools, & Practices

Sessions are available via Zoom conferencing internationally, by phone, or in person by appointment
A free 20-minute consultation can be provided to discuss your personal path to explore.

Clearing Blocks, Energy Healing & Ancient Wisdom



Universal or Healing Messages

Shawna connects with a higher wisdom to answer questions, bring insights, and healing energy.
Each session is unique and personalized to you, your life's path, and intentions. Shawna has the ability to see, hear, sense, know subtle energies to bring balance, inspiration, clarity, and love.
You can either relax and receive healing energy, a loving message from loved ones in Spirit, or a Universal message regarding your life's path, and personal intentions. Each session includes guidance, and offers a deeper understanding of your spiritual connection.
Shawna also teaches students to access their own natural intuitive and healing abilities.
Sessions are available by phone, Zoom conference, or in person via appointment.
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