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Shawna Bluestar Newcomb 
Conscious Living, Leadership, Business
Women's Empowerment & Leadership
Spiritual Guidance and Intuitive Healing


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Thank you for connecting with us. We'll be in touch soon.

Schedule with Shawna:
Shawna is available for speaking events, advisory, classes, spiritual guidance readings and healing sessions.
Available for online speaking events, supporting individuals, couples & groups.
Learn More at:
We are so grateful for your generous contributions to help continue the work of my father Steven Newcomb's legacy and global movementof over 40 years towards healing and education on the Doctrine of Discovery, and domination. We provide a path forward to find resilience and thrive in the often chaotic and confusing times of great changes. We're committed to a vision of peace and healing for All peoples, beings, the planet and future generations, connecting with The Reverence Code, based on the mystic path of ancient knowledge.
You help us  keep our work going.
Thank you. 
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