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The Changemaker's Course
The Reverence Code Reset
We Can Change the World! 


The Reverence Code Reset- Changemaker's Course

This is an 8-week introductory journey for
all conscious changemakers to explore the intersection of social justice, deep spirituality, holistic well-being with ancient and Indigenous wisdom and knowledge
This is a decolonization education from an eco-spiritual perspective, with Indigenous and visionary experts who understand the patterns that keep people locked into the human condition of suffering, and how to rise above it.

Your gifts and talents can help humanity and the planet!
There is a great awakening happening all over the planet. This is conscious evolution in the making! It can be confusing and frustrating to look at the world today and find answers. The Universe is inviting you to make conscious choices and live your purpose to help bring about great change and healing at this pivotal time. This course offers a map & wisdom to support your path.

In this Course:

  • Transform heavy feelings of grief, uncertainty & anxiety

  • Learn how you can to bring balance and healing to your life, celebrate diversity, and help save the planet

  • Examine hidden history, and healing collective trauma

  • Learn to overcome limiting and negative beliefs

  • Take conscious leadership to a new level 

  • Experience a profound spiritual connection & freedom

  • Empower your life with new tools, practices, and insights

  • Connect with ancient and Indigenous wisdom for peace

  • Become part of a growing global movement for healing humanity, the planet, and future generations. Plus More!

soulful women, professionals, creatives & entrepreneurs rising

Goddess of Light Immersion 

Visionary Women's Leadership & Healing Arts 


Goddess of Light Immersion 

 Join this year-long women's empowerment journey in sacred leadership and bring deep healing, wisdom, joy, confidence, connection, and fulfillment into your life. Shawna holds a sacred space for you to embody your authentic authority as a rising woman in the world.


You hold a sacred spark to bring healing to the world!

Ancient prophecies, elders and world leaders speak to this pivotal moment and the importance of women bringing healing to the world. There is a unique spark inside each of you calling, are you feeling ready to help bring healing to humanity and the planet!   

In this Course:

  • We will explore how your feminine balance, power and strength are linked to the healing of the planet.

  • We will restore, revitalizing your body, mind, heart and spirit to unlock a more radiant you! 

  • Find healing from shame, guilt, self-doubt, fear, and other feminine wounds. We fill you up with words of wisdom, explore ancient hidden history, and explore newfound confidence & courage as a woman.

  • You will connect with a sisterhood of support with like-hearted visionary women ready to embody their feminine power, passion and purpose!

  • Learn to access, develop, and confidently share your intuition and healing gifts into the world.

  • Find newfound clarity, courage, freedom, shine with greater purpose in your life, and bring your healing gift or message to the world.

  • Plus Much More!

    *Women's workshops and retreats are introductory events that can be taken before this course. 

The Era of the Love is Here. Now is Our Time!
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