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Happy Success Stories

What will your happy success story be?

I set up a meeting with Shawna after she reached out and offered to work with me. I had recently lost someone very close to me. Her presence was open and calming and instantly put me at ease. She called me prior to our appointment to touch base to see where I was at mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. At the appointment itself, Shawna was able to help me access emotions that I had been shutting down and not processing. Although this process was emotionally difficult, it was necessary and she helped me get to where I needed to be. Her work with me consisted of grounding practices as well as sharing insights she had about what I should pay attention to and do moving forwards. She used a combination of grounding energy and spiritual readings in her practice. After our meeting she sent me the notes from the session, which are helpful to connect to when I feel lost in the grieving process. Shawna’s work would benefit anyone looking to connect to their intuitive sense and authentic self, especially in times of personal difficulty.    ~Fiona, Oregon

Support with Grief
Help Connecting to Intuition and Authentic Self
Happy Couple's VIP Session
"We had a couple's VIP session with Shawna Bluestar, and it was magical! Before the session we had been so caught up in our daily lives that we didn't have the time or space to help propel us into a deeper level conversation about our future together. We went into the session with open hearts and open minds, and it was better than anything we could have planned or expected. We left the session saying,"Everyone should do this!" We felt renewed, full of love, and excited about our future together! We noticed an increased connection on both spiritual and physical levels for each other. In our relationship as a whole, we felt blissfully elevated. That evening we had a deep conversation. Shawna helped us to openly discuss our fears, which we did that night, and we started wedding planning the next day. We laughed, we cried, we started wedding planning. The session was truly special, and working with Shawna is a blessing."
~ Lindsey & Conor, Washington
The Reverence Code Course
lesson yielded Instantaneous results for me and I am deeply grateful
Before starting the course, I was feeling very old, tired, and jaded about the state of the world and the future. Within weeks, my outlook has turned around and my vibrations are much higher, and I feel this is just the beginning. Through some of the exercises I was able to identify ways in which my thinking was limiting me, how experiences - even from early childhood- dictate my interactions and choices now.
I have new tools with which to manage my ego or inner critic. This lesson yielded instantaneous results for me and I am deeply grateful. The process is ongoing and I continue to identify “upside down” thinking both within myself and externally in the world around me. I was able to see why the world works the way it works a little bit more clearly through better understanding of The Domination Code.
By “shining some light on the darkness” I no longer feel powerless or that the world can’t heal. By focusing on the Reverence code I feel more and more hopeful and more empowered to bring change. I am very excited to move forward into the next year with this knowledge and the practices I have been given
                                                                                                                                       -Carrie, Oregon

This was the missing piece I was struggling to find

This reading has made a huge difference; it was the missing piece I was struggling to find! The clarity, depth and beauty of this reading is bringing me closer to knowing how best to love and care for myself while I navigate a challenging situation. The love and compassion that your information is carried in makes it so easy to understand how I can change without feeling wrong for past mistakes. Now that I know better, I can proceed with kindness, which is very important to me! Thank you ,  GW
More Confidence to
Express Myself

I had a session with Shawna. It was a positive uplifting experience with accurate information. Shawna helped clarify the issues I was struggling with. I left the session with more confidence of my life path and encouragement to express myself. I really enjoyed my time with Shawna and you will too.

~Linda, Oregon

I first met Shawna Bluestar at a women’s circle that she was leading in a few years ago. That moment slowly began to change my life as with each circle following that. So many of my deepest spiritual thoughts and beliefs were confirmed and reinforced and I became so empowered each time. I am even more grateful for the house blessing ceremony that Shawna graced my family with. 


            This blessing ceremony was sorely needed as so much cluttered energy had accumulated throughout the three years that my children and I have lived in our apartment. Not to mention the many years before that of different people moving in and out of that space. A heaviness was building up all around us and as a single mother, I often feel that I am the only thing standing between my children and an insane world. Home should be a place of shelter and sanctuary, yet I began to feel that too much of the chaos in the world was creeping into my sacred space.  The blessing ceremony was just what we needed and it was so special for my children to take part in it.


            When we first began, I was so emotional and heavy-hearted, but as the ceremony went on, that heavy-heartedness lifted and was replaced with a feeling of joy. Afterwards when Shawna left, my 15 year-old daughter said to me, “Mom, Shawna’s spirit was speaking to me. When we were in our prayer circle I could hear her spirit speaking to me and when I opened my eyes she was looking directly into mine.”  Words cannot express how amazing it was to hear my daughter say that and to see her spirit so uplifted.


            The following day was even more amazing, as I felt my psychic centers were wide open. There were countless times that day when I would think of something and it would occur! My altar also felt charged and my meditation practice feels so tuned in. My home is still buzzing with that energy and it feels like it should, our sanctuary. I’ve even had friends and neighbors comment on how peaceful our home feels! I can’t wait for our next session! 


                                                                                                                                ~Emily, Oregon

Life Changing & Empowering, House Blessing, Happy Family, 
Igniting Intuition, Super-charged & Tuned in  

Business, Clearing Money Blocks, Transformative Work

​"Shawna helped me clear some old past life money stuff. Her energy healing and laser coaching moved a lot of clearing. It opened me up...I am in awe of her powerful wisdom and tools. Her sessions are grounding and with workable steps, it's truly transformative work. It was definitely a right place, right time for all of this magic I am co-creating.

It's delicious!!! ~Sharmila, Califonia

The Reverence Code Course
Learning about the Reverence Code has such an important balancing effect!
Deeper contentment and collaborations have unfolded for me while the world has gone through the dramatic changes in the past months
"I came to Shawna’s course having been on a journey of coming to an understanding of the need for decolonization and my position as a first-generation Settler, and knowing there was a good deal more to learn and process. The conversations and expansion of community through this co-collaborative time spent with Shawna, the other participants, and the bonus session with her father Steven deepened my sense of connection with, to and in the world, opened my senses, sense of possibilities, and love for the world. It further shifted my outlook on many things including an awareness of language and the systems of domination we have all been caught in. Learning about the Reverence Code has such an important balancing effect! Because it is life sustaining and nurturing it opens the creation of a new story. Deeper contentment and many collaborations have unfolded for me while the world has gone through the dramatic changes in the past months. As ever, it's the simple things that are most profound, a lesson I have often taught but also learn over and over again." -Andrea, Canada

Intuitive, Professional, Relaxing & Helped Release Tension

"Shawna has the gift of working intuitively and professionally. I was able to feel fully relaxed and comfortable during my work with her. She was able to help me release tension that I had been feeling for too long. Overall Shawna is a great practitioner and I am happy to have had the experience of working with her, and look forward to working with her in the future
~Tanara, Oregon

One of My Go-to People

"Shawna brings great insights and perspectives for life. She is one of my go-to people when there is a bump in the road in my life."
~Athena, Taiwan

From Grief to Peace
Amazingly Intuitive

"Shawna is amazingly intuitive. Her way of working is beautiful, gentle yet powerful. She arrived well prepared. Shawna was truly grounded and focused on the work. The healing session I had with her provided comfort and a deep sense of peace in a time of sorrow and grief."  

~Zoe, Oregon

Grateful to Have as Part of my Healing Network

"Shawna's energy is warm and positive. Her session was calm and relaxing, a very sweet experience. I am grateful to have her as part of my healing network!"

~Kat, Texas

A Gifted Practitioner and Seer

Shawna is a gifted practitioner & seer. She tuned in & shared messages & inspirations which were comforting guidance.  The time evaporated for me as I received the healing energies in our session. I am blessed to know her.

~ Ani, Oregon

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