Shawna Bluestar Newcomb is a visionary speaker, intuitive healer, spiritual guide, coach and consultant.  She is a powerful resource and compassionate guide promoting a vision of healing for a more peaceful and conscious world. Shawna is passionate about supporting women in leadership and business at this pivotal time. She shares insights from ancient wisdom traditions, spiritual ecology and modern science, and speaks to the current challenges we are seeing today as a deep disconnection from our truest nature, and how we can move forward. Shawna weaves together traditional and unconventional approaches to maximize your results, to release what has you stuck, and elevate your life and business. She incorporates wellness, vitality, energy healing, balance, intuitive development, as well as empowerment and resilience in the face of change. 

Known as a gifted seer, healer and teacher, Shawna's messages of universal wisdom have brought inspiration and healing to global audiences. Shawna draws wisdom from her Indigenous heritage, (Shawnee, Lenape, Azteca) practical tools, spiritual connection, and extensive training in healing arts with renowned leaders, healers, and visionaries. Shawna began her spiritual path early on as a child, and her training in personal and leadership development began in her early teens. She supports her clients and students with her extensive variety of tools, and draws from her experience in mindfulness, meditation, intuition, health and wellness, leadership, grief support, cognitive theory, medical intuition, as a Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher and more.  

Shawna speaks and leads workshops at universities, festivals and community events. She has been a featured guest at universities, conferences, on radio, and the host of the Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit, withThe Shift Network. Shawna is dedicated to healing for the Earth, humanity, future generations, and all beings. She works with her father to help lead a global movement to speak out on the doctrine of discovery. Shawna has created a ground-breaking program to examine the collective shadow and trauma,and promote healing to support personal, and global change at this pivotal time.
A Quantum Leap in Conscious Evolution 
Many people have felt concern about the direction of the world today on a personal and collective level.
People are striving but not thriving, yearning for more yet feeling unfulfilled. People are experiencing chronic stress, fatigue, burnout, anxiety, isolation or depression. We're seeing more disease, obesity, allergies, work dissatisfaction, disconnection from family, friends, and ourselves. The current political, social, ecological and economic issues are creating more uncertainty and stress.

We are in a time of great changes for profound healing of Mother Earth, humanity and future generations.
We're being asked to bear witness to our personal and collective trauma, to see things from a deeper perspective; 
to acknowledge both our light and shadow for deep healing, and invited into leadership and authenticity. You may be feeling called to something more, you may notice big changes in your health, life, work, or relationships that you didn't expect, and seeking guidance, or support to make sense of this time.

Humanity is awakening and evolving. We're seeing cultural shifts and great changes on all levels.
Humanity is coming back to its senses. A new earth is emerging. People all over the world are connecting to a much needed higher wisdom and healing our ancient ancestors and Indigenous peoples still carry. People are awakening to deeper spirituality, intuitive experiences and profound awareness. 
Shawna Bluestar offers support, tools, healing, insights and resources to support you on your awakening journey,
understanding the current challenges in our world from a spiritual perspective, and how to move forward
with empowered purpose. She speaks to examining our collective trauma, celebrating our differences, and coming together to find resilience, peace of mind, solidarity, justice, and diversity, in the spirit of compassion, love, equity, and healing for the Earth, humanity, all beings, and future generations.
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Who We  Serve

We love to work with courageous souls ready to walk a path less traveled who value conscious living,

personal and spiritual development, holistic wellness, and social change, and who want to live with greater purpose, and who want to vision healing for the planet, humanity and future generations


We support people from all walks of life, 
conscious Changemakers, healers, advocates, entrepreneurs, awakened women, spiritual seekers, and we celebrate no labels. We're dedicated to supporting those on a spiritual path with a big mission wanting to be in service to help change the world with your unique gifts.

We work with individuals, couples, families, small and large groups, and organizations. 
Our community and clients include
professionals, educational groups, leaders, 
holistic practitioners, coaches, consultants, visionaries, writers, creatives, lightworkers, starseeds, emerging healers, empaths, intuitives, 
mompreneurs, awakening women of
all walks of life who are emerging &

expanding in your unique authenticy & leadership.


We honor all spiritual paths, and people.
This is a safe space to receive healing and guidance, find your voice, develop & shine your gifts and talents into the world so you can live an extraordinary life and be the change in the world.


  • Collaboration, Partnership & Community

  • Love, Compassion, Acceptance & over Fear 

  • Ancient & Indigenous Wisdom to help restore balance 

  • Honoring the unique Spiritual Path of each individual 

  • Leadership and Business as a deeply spiritual path

  • The gift of reciprocity & being in service for greater good

  • The interconnection of all life, humanity & the Earth


*There’s a spiritual solution for every problem

*The world & humanity are awakening to a Great Shift

*This is a time to return to wisdom, reverence & balance

*The sacred feminine & sacred masculine are reuniting

*Everyone has a unique purpose, intuitive & spiritual gifts

*Inside each of us is a creative genius and leader
*The human Spirit is boundless, rising to greatness!

 Support &Inspiration for Your Path


Mentoring &

Courses & Programs


Say Yes to a Healthier, Happier,
More Fulfilled & Abundant You!

-Move past feeling stuck, self-doubt, and lack of clarity

-Release limiting beliefs, negative emotions, grief, or trauma

-Find wellness and balance for Body-Mind-Heart-Spirit

-Increase energy, vitality, and stamina with greater self-care

-Experience heightened states of focus, and manifest your vision

-Unlock your inspiration, intuition and creative genius to reach your full potential
-Improve your relationships, connections; impact with community and planet
-Activate your authentic authority so you can be a healing source for good
-Discover the power of collaboration in conscious leadership and business
-Awaken to a profound new understanding of yourself, and the world

Supporting Women  & Girls in Leadership

For millennia, far too many women and girls have known the personal & painful experience of lost power; feeling silenced to share or live their truth and an inability to share their unique gifts. Women have suffered, endured, and persevered despite lost freedoms. Women have come so far; yet still women continue to hold themselves back. We've entered into a new paradigm, with the sacred feminine rising, and we're seeing women come into their power and speaking out. This is a time of deep healing. Yet, how many women still carry silent scars, hiding their gifts or important stories? How many women are suffering from burnout from a ​distorted version of power, striving for success, not living their true purpose or finding meaning in their day-to-day lives?

Many women today do not recognize their inherent strength and power. Most women do not know their true history and it is time. I believe that women stepping into their authentic power, purpose & leadership will bring great changes to heal the world & it's greatly needed at this time. As prophecies, great world leaders & Indigenous elders have shared, this time would come and it's a time of women stepping into their power. Many say the future of the world depends on it. There's an untapped potential that lies within women that continue to see themselves as less than. This is a time of women rising up in sisterhood and celebrating your greatness.

The Great Shift message speaks to the sacred feminine rising, and profound change. Men also have an important role at this time, helping to restore balance and coming back into their hearts more. This is a time of reuniting  the sacred feminine and sacred masculine. This is a time of great changes, and it's about all people working together in collaboration for healing, love & acceptance on a bigger scale.

I'm committed to helping women to trust your intuition and step into sacred leadership, sharing your unique gifts & voices. I'm celebrating you shining your genius & greatness into the world. I'm here to support you.

Feeling Called to Compassionate Action?

*Give back *Pay it forward *Be the change
What causes matter most to you?
Join our GlobalMovement for Conscious Change
A Healing Prayer for Humanity, Mother Earth and
Well-Being of Future Generations
Read Steven's acclaimed best-selling book, Pagans in the Promised Land. 
Watch Steven's award-winning film The Doctrine of Discovery Unmasking The Domination Code
(directed by Sheldon wolfchild)

Steven T. Newcomb (Shawnee/Lenape) 

visits Pope Francis, The Vatican City 2016

to speak about his 40-year campaign

photo by William P. Laronal

Lectures, Book & Film featured at:
Parliament of World's Religions
United Nations
Conscious Life Expo
KPFK radio in Los Angeles
Oregon Eclipse Festival 
Oregon Country Fair
University of Oregon
and many more
Archive of the Indies,
Seville, Spain

Discover hidden history behind what's you holding back, the root of collective trauma & how to break free.

Shawna Bluestar joins her father, Steven T. Newcomb, (internationally acclaimed Shawnee, Lenape speaker, author, legal scholar and film maker) to share profound hidden history that has touched the hearts of thousands of people around the world. The ongoing social, ecological political, and economic crises has been creating uncertainty, and division among people and this work sheds light on the truth.


The Work

Steven and Shawna share a powerful paradigm shift revealing the root system behind these current and past issues of oppression, injustices; domination and dehumanization. They share an untold history of Indigenous peoples, and the imbalances of all peoples, and our precious planet. It has destructive repercussions for all people and the planet regardless of background. Mr. Newcomb began this campaign researching, writing, and speaking out about the negative effects of the doctrine of discovery, and domination, 40 years ago, with his friend Birgil Kills Straight, (Oglala, Lakota Headman). Mr. Newcomb's best-selling book, Pagans in the Promised Land; Decoding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery shares his decades of research. The book is celebrated  by universities, spiritual communities, Indigenous nations, activists, and people throughout the world. Mr. Newcomb created an award-winning film  titled, The Doctrine

of Discovery: Unmasking the Domination Code, released in 2015. (directed by Sheldon Wolfchild) 

 With narration by Grammy-award winning singer, Buffy Sainte Marie.
The film is highly regarded as life-changing for many people worldwide.

The Global Movement
In 1992, Mr. Newcomb began a campaign to call upon the Vatican to revoke the papal bulls which are responsible for genocide of Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island, and throughout the world. Mr. Newcomb has been a tireless advocate for Indigenous peoples, nations, causes, and lands, sharing this important message since the early 80's. In the early 90's he began to travel  the world and speaking out on the doctrine, and the correlation with Federal Indian Law. In 2016, Mr. Newcomb met with Pope Francis with the formal request to revoke the papal bulls, and to discuss his life-long work wih the Holy See.  Together, Steven and Shawna are now helping to spread awareness to end destructive patterns of the doctrine of discovery, and the domination code; responsible for slavery, oppression, dehumanization, abuse, destruction, racial, social, economic and imbalances affecting all people today. They speak to compassionate witnessing to heal intergenerational trauma, restore balance, and to bring healing to humanity and the planet, sharing insights from ancient and Indigenous wisdom. Mr. Newcomb's work has led him to world stages, as a keynote speaker at the Parliament of World's Religions, work with Indigenous leaders, the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, a meeting His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Mr. Newcomb's life work is widely supported throughout the world as a focus at major universities, and churches throughout the world have adopted resolutions against the doctrine of discovery.

The Course
Shawna draws from her father's already profound and extensive body of work over 40 years, integrated with her
own research, and decades of expertise; and she has developed an online educational course. Shawna teaches a powerful and unique system, sharing her insights and teachings of The Reverence Code, based on ancient and Indigenous wisdom traditions, and science. Participants can deepen their understanding of the causes behind the challenges we face today, learn to identify the patterns of domination and imbalances in our lives, discover tools to begin to overcome them, and support future generations. Shawna teaches life-changing mindset shifts, practical tools, spiritual and intuitive awareness, to help facilitate and cultivate deep healing on a personal and global scale. She is passionate about supporting participants to emerge as empowered
changemakers to make a unique difference.

To Schedule Sessions with Shawna:
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