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Rock Maze
Explore the Mystic Path to Liberation & Your True Success
Activate Your Authentic Power. Awaken Your Genius. Elevate Your Life. Be the Change.

Sessions with Shawna Bluestar

Transform Ordinary Life & Business into the Extraordinary! 
Explore the Many Benefits of Healing with The Reverence Code

Shawna bridges practical tools, lifestyle, coaching, holistic wellness, intuition, deep spiritual connection, energy healing, wisdom teachings, and practices
for empowerment  to create  transformative and powerful results.  

Our changing world requires a new operating system. Liberate yourself from limiting beliefs that hold you back, and rise to your full potential in life, leadership or business. Shawna understands the nature and process of  trauma, grief, oppression and healing from personal experience as well as extensive study and training. With principles introduced in this system, you can begin to unravel negative conditioning, the root causes of what's holding you back in life, and start to move forward feeling more connected, empowered, with more fulfillment in life, careers, and relationships.

A Return to Balance & Bliss

Rock Balancing

Wholistic Well-Being, Balance, Peace & Joy

How balanced do you feel in each of the following areas?

Balanced Body

Balanced Heart
Balanced Mind
Balanced Spirit

Explore the 8 pillars to a whole, happy, peaceful & fulfilled life

Balanced Purpose
Balanced Relations
Balanced Abundance
Balanced Impact
Explore the Many Benefits
of Working with Shawna

*Tap into your inner genius, vitality & true freedom 


*Claim your purpose & boldly move forward on your path


*Value your self-worth, clear your money blocks 


* Invite in abundance and reciprocity

*Develop profound mindset shifts & strategies 


*Develop and confidently share your gifts & voice

*Have more adventure and fun on your journey 


*Connect to the sacred on the seen and unseen levels 

*Improve your health, relationships, and intimacy


*Release stress, fear, anxiety and overwhelm

*Access greater joy, love, vitality, energy and bliss 


 *Deep healing for personal, and collective wounds

Image by Dane Wetton
Image by JoelValve

Unlock your Potential!

Now is the Time to Release Your Blocks

Ready for a powerful breakthrough?
Ready to free yourself from anxiety, fears, grief or the inner critic's limiting beliefs
of self-doubt, or sabotage holding you back?
Release shame guilt & overwhelm.
I offer a sacred space without judgement

for you to honor your self-care,
to heal, thrive, and expand

in life, energy, relationships,
leadership or business.

Let's customize a plan to help you find more balance, joy, vitality and abundance.


What extraordinary gifts do you have locked inside to share?

Now is the time to celebrate who you are,
trust your intuition, align with your purpose, and freely express your authentic gifts and voice into the world! You are brilliant!
Liberate Yourself!
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What Sessions with Shawna
Can Do For You:
  • Identify limiting beliefs & fear in your way

  • Determine what's most important to you

  • Explore your options & your potential

  • Design a mini plan of action

  • Say Yes to what you want most!

  • Empower yourself with powerful insights

  • Release what has you stuck or overwhelmed

  • Commit to your dreams becoming reality

Ready to start thriving & living your dreams? 

Start Now!

Explore Your
Infinite Possibilities

Melt Stress & Overwhelm

Find Relief with Powerful Tools

Women's Empowerment
More Self-Love, Joy & Confidence

energy meditate.jpg

Deepen Your Spiritual Connection
Readings & Activate Your Intuition


Reset Body Mind Heart Spirit
Raise Your Vibration & Energy

Connect with your Inner Shero 
Find Courage in Leadership

Heal Karma & Strengthen
Family Connections

Double Your Time or Income
with Conscious Business


Shine Bright & Share
Your Unique Gifts & Talents

Elevate Your Voice

Rock Your Growing Edge

Rebalance, Recharge & Revitalize

Intuitive Healing & Training

Deepen Your Love in 
Conscious Relationships

Heal from Grief, Loss, Pain
Receive Personal Divine Messages

Man heart.jpg

Men's Healing Inner work
for Heart & Soul

Healing Sacred Feminine Wisdom
& Authentic Authority

Conscious Parenting &

Happy Kids

Inspiration, Confidence

Development for Teens

Develop Strong Young 

Girls & Future Leaders


History & Diversity Education
for Social Change

Become a Manifesting Magnet
Turn Your Dreams into Reality
Awaken Bliss photo 1.jpg

"Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightening about shrinking so that others won't feel uncomfortable around you. As you let your light shine, you indirectly give others permission to do the same."                                                      ~Marianne Williamson  

 Group Programs
Visionary Leadership Program

 Sacred Feminine Rising

Healing Empowerment Immersion
Next Program Begins Fall 2022
Register Now
Limited Spaces Available

Explore The Mystic Path
The Reverence Code 

Conscious Leadership Series...

Changemaker's Online 8 part Course

Next Session Starts Oct 2, 2022
Join us. RSVP Now. Limited seats available.

Be the Change for All Peoples, Beings & Planet!
Sessions with Shawna Bluestar
The Path of Spirit 

Wellness, Empowerment,

Intuitive & Healing Options  

3-Women's Retreat Heart of the Goddess 2
The Path of Sisterhood

Connection, Support, Shine Bright, Celebrate You, Uplifting All 

The Path of Service 

Conscious Leadership & Business

Coaching & Consulting Options

The Path of Wellness
Well-Being for
Mind Body Spirit  Heart Vitality

Happy Clients:

From Grief to Peace

"Shawna is amazingly intuitive. Her way of working is beautiful, gentle yet powerful. She arrived well prepared. Shawna was truly grounded and focused on the work. The healing session I had with her provided comfort and a deep sense of peace in a time of sorrow and grief." ~Zoe

Part of My Healing Network

"Shawna's energy is warm and positive. Her session was calm and relaxing, a very sweet experience. I am grateful to have her as part of my healing network!" ~Kat

A Gifted Practitioner & Seer

Shawna is a gifted practitioner & seer. She tuned in & shared messages & inspirations which were comforting guidance.  The time evaporated for me as I received the healing energies in our session. I am blessed to know her.  ~ Ani

Connect with Shawna:

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We are so grateful for your contributions
You help us  keep our work going. 
We appreciate your generosity.
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