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Conscious Leadership & Business

Coaching & Consulting Options


What is Conscious Business & Leadership?

The New Paradigm has arrived. As the world and humanity are evolving, the old paradigm model of leadership, business and profit are falling away. The world and humanity can no longer continue to function within the old version of leadership & business focused solely on bottom line values with models of competition, unconscious behaviors, greed, and choices that are not beneficial to life or long-term sustainability. This falling away of the old paradigm model gives rise to a new model of conscious leadership and business that aligns with systems-based values, authenticity, integrity and looking at the whole, with a commitment to investing in the  triple bottom line- people, planet, profit. This is a new model based on synergy, collaboration, community, value for greater good and the Earth.

Signs the 'old model' of leadership and business isn't working 
How often do you notice the following symptoms
*Overwhelm, high pressure, stress, anxiety
*Low-grade discontentment, general malaise
*Creative blocks, unhappy, unfulfilled, no passion,
*No time for family, not having fun, empty smile,
*Striving but not thriving, adrenal fatigue,
*Not taking care of yourself, stress-related illness,
*Life and work is not making sense-'what am I doing?' 
*Feeling like something is missing, there's gotta be more
*Community not thriving, unmotivated, cultural discord

You desire freedom, fulfillment and fun
And you want balance in leadership, business and life

Do you want to be more effective in your life, leadership, and business, And make a Big difference.
Your effectiveness matters; it trickles down to how well your team is doing, your family, and quality of life.
Perhaps you're wanting more
time freedom, or to feel more on purpose in your work, maybe you'd love to work from home, ready to take a quantum leap with your next step, or help give back.


Whether you're just getting started, looking to expand your growing edge, or make a big impact,
there are fears and blocks that can keep you stuck, not moving forward in leadership or business.
Once you
clear your blocks, you're free to elevate and align with your big vision and dreams!

What's truly possible in creating a more inspired approach to life, leadership or business? 

How would you feel to create the life you truly desire with more peace, joy, balance and fulfillment?
What would your ideal life look like to balance great work, with more time for family and fun?

Receive Support, Guidance, Training in the Following Areas
  • Mindset Training 

  • Branding Design

  • The Art of Networking

  • The Power of Reciprocity

  • Honor the Triple Bottom Line

  • Inspire your Team

  • Celebrate Diversity & Inclusivity

  • Clear, Effective Communication

  • Grow your income

  • Feminine Leadership

  • The Magic of Spiritual Sales

  • Manifesting & Marketing 

  • Leading Transformative Events

  • Increase Your Impact

  • Leverage your Time, investments 

  • Tips for Effective Public Speaking

  • Developing your Platform

  • The Power of an Action Plan

  • Learn Key Virtues & Practices

  • Courage, Clarity, Confidence, Commitment

  • Website Consulting & Design tips

  • Digital Marketing online strategies

  • More Customized Plans Available 

Here's How I Can Help

1) Let's Review:
Where are you're stuck in leadership & business?
What do you most want to see?
2) Let's Assess:
We'll look deeper at your goals, and what's missing
3) Let's Create a Plan
If it's a fit for us to work together,
we'll co-create a customized plan of action 
4) Follow Through
You'll take the steps for your transformation
and I'll be there to support and guide you
Let's Close the Gap

Unconventional Support & Wisdom for Results you Desire

Leadership takes many forms. Conscious leadership and business require a whole new perspective to success. There's a missing link in what most conventional leadership and business models teach. What if you could look at the bigger picture, and get to the root causes that keep you second guessing yourself or your decisions and goals. Shawna has the ability to draw out your inner genius and release your blocks or resistance. As you step into your goals or intentions are, it's time to stand in your authentic authority, so you can rise to new heights of success in your work. She can help you to create a masterplan, get clear on your big vision, and help you find that balance between work, and play so you can be authentically you in all you do. Shawna provides a fresh perspective to the rapidly changing world, and how to navigate change with ease and success. 
About Shawna Bluestar Newcomb

Shawna Bluestar Newcomb is a visionary leader in the fields of conscious leadership, business, with a focus on spirituality, conscious well-being & women's empowerment. Shawna inspires her students to transcend fears & limiting beliefs, and spark their inner genius so they can help make a difference in their unique way. She supports and empowers emerging leaders, conscious changemakers, around the world to find balance, healing & guidance, and elevate to new heights in their life, relationships, and work. Shawna leads workshops, trainings & retreats and has been a featured speaker at universities, community events, international festivals and online summits. Shawna inspires audiences to come together for the greater good of all humanity, the planet, and future generations. She leads a global movement with her father to spread awareness for conscious change, advocating for the well-being of Indigenous peoples, and all peoples around the world. 

Shawna has trained with world renowned spiritual teachers & visionary leaders. She has a background with many years in personal & spiritual development, extensive study and training in wellness, leadership, business, intuitive guidance, various healing modalities, and has received multiple certifications. Shawna has created two life-changing programs. She works with clients locally and internationally and is passionate about helping people of all backgrounds rise to their full potential. 

Conscious Leadership & Business Coaching Options

(The following examples offer a partial list, customized sessions are determined by client's goals)
Celebrating Diversity
& Inclusivity Training

Team Builder

Today's market in leadership and business requires new systems to stay current. Companies are investing in diversity education training to improve performance and stay current. For individuals and teams to be at their best, it's important to cultivate a culture of inclusivity, trust, understanding and respect and find common ground. This 1/2 day or full day workshop is fun, informative and inspirational. It works to questions our assumptions, take personal responsibility and cultivate more connection in communities. It shows the value of diversity, and how organizations can thrive and grow.

Coaching/Consulting Intensive Package:

Wealth Consciousness Breakthrough

-clear your money blocks & limiting beliefs
-embrace the law of reciprocity

-release stuck energy holding you back.
-gain new insights, tools & practices

 -develop your wealth consciousness 

-shift from feeling lack to abundance
-allow flow in all levels of your life

-live in greater contribution

Coaching/Consulting Intensive Package:

Platform Builder

Are you ready for greater visibility

in leadership or business? 
-gain clarity of your vision?
-find the ideal strategies to reach your goals
-gain confidence to stretch your wings & soar
-show up fully with greater impact & influence

Your healing message is needed in the world.

The Path of Service 

VIP Package:

Freedom Breakthrough

A day of transformation customized to meet your needs and goals

-release fears, limitations & blocks in leadership or business

-gain powerful mindset shifts & tools

-design your Bliss Blueprint action plan 

-move forward with courage & conviction

Coaching/Consulting Intensive Package:

Authentic Leadership or Conscious Business 

-gain power packed tools, strategies

-get laser coaching to bring you clarity

on your goals & bigger vision

-work through specific challenges in your leadership or business path!

-take your work to the next level

A free 15-minute consultation can be provided to discuss your path to explore.

Who are my ideal clients?

I mentor and train busy professionals, business owners, executives, CEO's, mompreneurs, emerging leaders, visionaries
conscious changemakers, creative professionals, and spiritual or holistic entrepreneurs or groups. I can help if you're in transition, getting started, expanding or want to take a quantum leap. 
I'm especially committed to assisting awakened women in leadership and business development to gain confidence, skillsets and strategies so they can live more authentically aligned with their true purpose, and make a big difference!

I love working with clients who:

  • are awakening on a spiritual path, expanding in leadership and business

  • are misfits, visionaries, seekers, healers, or changemakers 

  • want to change the world, have big dreams and visions

  • are willing to do the inner work, to  help make a difference

  • want to align with their purpose and mission based business

  • are open to cultivating balance, wholeness, and ease
    *love and respect themselves, and take personal responsibility

  • value authenticity and want to bring their unique message or gifts forward

  • are committed and passionate about their work and helping people

  • see the importance of investing in their personal development and business

  • enjoy learning, expanding their growing edge, and willing to stay the course

  • are open hearted, fun and willing to stretch, and commit to their own success

  • are coachable, and open to exploring innovative concepts and ideas

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