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Shawna Bluestar is an international speaker, host and visionary healer featured on global
platforms, podcasts, summits, universities, community events, radio, festivals.
She is available for speaking events, workshops, online summits, and personal sessions.
She speaks, teaches, and facilitates live and online events, and courses, and also
co-presents with her father Steven T. Newcomb 

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Live & Online Events

Film Showings

Community Events

Shawna Bluestar Newcomb

keynote speaker, changemaker

Steven T. Newcomb

legal scholar, author, film maker
Shawna Bluestar Newcomb is an inspirational speaker, healer, and spiritual guide dedicated to helping usher in a great shift for higher consciousness. She is a visionary with a focus on personal and planetary healing for all peoples, being, and the earth. Shawna speaks and teaches courses to support you in rising to your full potentialShe stands committed to and empowering her students to find liberation with greater self-acceptance, and self-love. Her courses The Reverence Code Reset, and Sacred Feminine Rising help people around the world learn a new perspective on the changing world so they can thrive
with peace, balance, well-being, and true success in all aspects of their lives. 

Shawna is passionate about empowering women, and changemakers to release their fears and blocks, live with greater purpose, share their unique gifts and voice, and rise as leaders in their lives, community, and the world. She speaks on a variety of topics including: navigating a spiritual way of life, women's issues, women in leadership, cultural diversity and inclusion, ancient and Indigenous wisdom principles, intuitive healing, energy healing,
holistic well-being, and much more. Shawna shares spiritual messages for a deeper perspective on how to thrive in the current paradigm, and find greater inspiration.

Shawna speaks and leads workshops at universities, festivals, and community events. Her inspirational universal messages of love, respect and reverence are both timeless and timely in healing our modern world today. Shawna helps to lead a global movement for conscious change with her father, Steven T. Newcomb, (author, speaker, filmmaker) teaching hidden history behind current events, and sharing ancient and Indigenous wisdom teachings. They speak about The Doctrine of Discovery, and The Domination Code, and ancient knowledge to reach your full potential. The benefits are many, including restoring balance, wellness, healing and mastery with a most authentic part of you, as well as healing for our planet and future generations. Shawna teaches her unique principles from The The Reverence Code, and how to tranform uncertainty, grief, anxiety, anger, and fear into inspired action. Learn how to navigate these changing times with greater compassion, fulfillment, love, joy, and purpose. 

Live & Online Events

Film Showings

Featured Epic Events & Life-Changing Courses with Shawna Bluestar 
Summer Sacred Feminine Rising  2024- Shawna Bluestar.jpg
Don't miss this rare invitation
Sacred Feminine Rising Summer Mentorship
Empowered Leadership & Healing Course

*Incredible Value & Support RSVP by May 11, 5 pm PST
*also includes Bonus Changemakers Course, live sessions & more
Sun, May 12th @ 9:30 pm PST, 5:30 BST
Global Call Saturday May 18th, 2024 @ 2pm PST
Mother Earth Delegation of United Indigenous Nations
with Shawna Bluestar & Indigenous Delegates of the four directions
Recent & Past Events
Say Yes to Extraordinary Living Leadership & GIfts with Shawna Bluestar (3).png

Sacred Feminine Rising Course 
Embody Your Sacred Purpose, Gifts, Voice & Leadership
 Live Circle, Sun Feb 25th


Changemakers Course Reverence Code Renewal with Shawna Bluestar Newcomb Feb 2024.png
Changemakers Course
Reverence Code Renewal

Discover the Path of the Heart
Activate Courage & Resilience to Thrive!
Doctrine of Discovery Domination Film Screening - Feb 2024 .png

Wisdom for the New Paradigm Series

Encore Film Screening 
The Doctrine of Discovery
Unmasking the Domination Code

Q & A with Shawna Bluestar & Steven Newcomb
 Join us Friday Feb 2nd
@ 11 am PST, 7 pm GMT

Learn Hidden History behind current events!

Free event *Donations are appreciated

RSVP Today! Invite friends

2024 Wisdom for New Paradigm   Conscious Leadership with Shawna Bluestar.jpg

Wisdom for the New Paradigm Series
Conscious Leadership 2024 & Beyond
Support to Thrive in this time of change
Spiritual Messages + inspirational insights 

Sun, Jan 28th @ 10 am PST, 6pm GMT
Free Event!

7days event.png

In collaboration with The Fountain
We seed the New Year 2024 with a global field of intention and healing, honoring our collective calling to wholeness.

January 1 - 7, 2024

SD Gathering Cosmic fire.png
🔥 Gathering At The Cosmic Fire 🔥
A Global Online Summit, 27 Nov - 01 Dec, 2023
Shamanic Wisdom Summit Nov 14-18
Join Shawna Bluestar and visionary speakers for this powerful free event 
Home to her 2- Shawna Bluestar Newcomb I
HometoHer Podcast
Host Liz Kelly speaks with Shawna Bluestar
as she shares her insights on the healing power of
The Reverence Code, the Sacred Feminine, and our rapidly evolving world!

Listen HERE
Mystic Conversations Feb2023 with Shawna Bluestar.png
Join us for this epic New Circle Series
Mystic Conversations with Shawna Bluestar
Healing, Peace, Unity & Transformation
Exploring Intuition, Awakening to the Great Mystery, The Great Shift, 
Activating Higher Consciousness  & more
Learn More & Register
Shift-Beyond the Veil Summit.jpg
Beyond the Veil Summit with Shawna Bluestar Newcomb
hosted by Shift Network

Receive expert guidance to get validation, confidence & closure in navigating life’s transitions

Join us for the Shamanic Wisdom Summit
Sept 12-16th, 2022 
Reclaim Personal Power, Heal from Trauma & Expland Your Consciousness Through Timeless Practices
RSVP at no charge.
Film Doctrine of Discovery-Newcomb Thursday, July 28th, 10 am PST -.png
Film Screening and Q & A  with Shawna Bluestar & Steven T. Newcomb
The Doctine of Discovery: Unmasking the Domination Code
hosted by The Fountain & Unify
We invite all peoples to join us in walking the sacred path to healing and unity
GCW Dec 2021.png

Women & Media hosted by SARAH

with Shawna Bluestar, Jensine Larsen & Sandra DeCastro Buffington
December 21st, 9-11 am PST

Learn More: HERE

EMS- 2021 Bluestar.jpg

Energy Medicine Summit
with The Shift Network

Nov 1-5th
Interview with Shawna Bluestar 
Learn More : HERE


Parliament flyer 0-Critial&UrgentNecessity .png

Parliament of World's Religions
October 17th, 2021 8-8:45 pm PST

Listen to the Grandmother's wisdom, and messages from  Shawna Bluestar 

SNA Shawna_Bluestar_Newcomb.jpeg

Saturday Night Alive
This Saturday, October 9th 6-8 pm PT

Join New Global Leaders Inspiring us to Awaken to Our Full Divinity! 

with Shawna Bluestar 

Shawna_Bluestar Shamanic Wisdom Summit banner.jpg

The Shift Network - Shamanic Wisdom Summit 2021

Join us  July 19-23rd

Take a journey with world-renowned elders, mystics, and sacred lineage-holders to discover the transformational power of Earth-based traditions 

with Shawna Bluestar, Steven Newcomb, Indigenous elders, teachers, and healers
Learn More: HERE


The Shift Network - Spring Equinox Weekend
Renew - Online Retreat & Music Festival
with Shawna Bluestar & Epic Musical Guests & Visionaries
March 19-21st

Learn More : HERE


Friday, Januay 29th @ 11 am PST 
Seeds of Life Wisdom Webinar Series with Grandmother Flordemayo

with guests Steven Newcomb & Shawna Bluestar Newcomb

Learn More: HERE

winter solstice dates IG.jpg
 December 21, 2020 @ 7 - 8: 30 pm PST
 A Winter Solstice Virtual Circle Event with Shawna & Sharmila
Join us for this powerful time together to Clear, Heal, Envision for 2021 & beyond!
In collaboration with Soul Body Ojai
Flyer WMFDP DEI event Oct.jpg
Oct 13th, 2020 @ 9 am PST
Unscripted: Who Gets to Re Write History?
...and, Why Does that Matter for CEO's?
WMFDP - Inspiring Inclusive Leaders Globally
Interview with Shawna Bluestar & special guests
Sept 18-21, 2020
The Shift Summit & Music Festival 
An Epic 4-day Gathering of Changemakers
Lighting the Way to a Better Future
Interview with Shawna Bluestar & Steven Newcomb
SNA Social Media Sept 12.png
Sept 12th, 2020
Saturday Night Alive for Global Peace Tribe
Indigenous Wisdom for these Times
Interview with Shawna Bluestar
Red Nation event.jpg
August 2020
Red Nation Film & Television Network
American Holocaust Series
Panel Discussion with Shawna Bluestar & Steven T. Newcomb
logo (1).jpg
July 2020
The Oregon Country Fair
Spoken Word

with Shawna Bluestar & Steven T. Newcomb
GIWS image 2.jpg
The Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit
with host Shawna Bluestar by The Shift Network

Interviews with Shawna Bluestar & special guests
Transforming Racism The Shift
June 2020
The Shift Network presents a Special Live Series
Transforming Racism

Interviews with Shawna Bluestar & special guests
first voices sbn.jpg
First Voices Radio on WPKN, New York
with host Tiokasin Ghosthorse
Interview with Shawna Bluestar & special guests
Wikipolitiki Show with Steve Bhaerman 
aka Swamibeyondananda
From Domination to Reverence
with Shawna Bluestar and Steven T. Newcomb
Going Beyond Medicine Radio Show 
with host Elaine Grohman on Empower Radio
Women in Our Changing Times
Interview with Shawna Bluestar
Read Steven's acclaimed best-selling book, Pagans in the Promised Land. 
Watch Steven's award-winning film The Doctrine of Discovery Unmasking The Domination Code
directed by Sheldon wolfchild

Steven T. Newcomb (Shawnee/Lenape) 

visits Pope Francis, The Vatican City 2016

to speak about his 40-year campaign

photo by William P. Laronal

Archive of the Indies,
Seville, Spain

Join Our Global Movement for Conscious Change

Shawna Bluestar and Steven T. Newcomb speak out about The Doctrine of Discovery,
the hidden history and patterns of The Domination Code, sharing the book & film,
and teaching healing alternatives with The Reverence Code, and Course.

Shawna's Work Facilitating Groups
Adult & Youth Workshops & Retreats

Adventures & Retreats

3-Women's Retreat Heart of the Goddess 2
Topics Include:

*The Great Shift & You- Healing messages for humanity & the Earth

*Decolonizing Your Life-Healing the World

*Women's Empowerment & History
*Balance of the Sacred Feminine & Masculine

*Honoring our ancestors, Honoring the Earth

*Honoring our body wisdom

*Overcoming Overwhelm in a fast-paced world

*Trusting our intuition-a practical approach

*Sacred leadership & humanity's future

*Spiritual & holistic wellness perspectives

*The path of sacred feminine leadership & Women Leading the Way

*Women's circles and related topics

*Deeper spiritual connection and greater joy

*The Doctrine of Discovery Film & Talk

*The Reverence Code & The Domination Code

*6 Keys to Empowered & Balanced Living
*Befriending Your Shadow-personal/global healing

*Dreams, Prophecy & Ancient Wisdom

* Breaking the curse of negative self-talk

*Finding resilience in times of uncertainty

*Ancient & Indigenous knowledge & wisdom

*Cultural diversity & sharing our history

*Conscious leadership & business mindset  

*Wellness for body, mind, spirit

*Sacred relationships & sacred purpose

*Art of Reciprocity & Paying it Forward

*Conscious relationships & communication

*Mindfulness, meditation for well-being

Schedule with Shawna:
Shawna is available for speaking events, consulting, classes, spiritual guidance readings and healing sessions.
Available for online speaking events, supporting individuals, couples & groups.
Learn More at:
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