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The Power of Sisterhood
Circle of LIght Events
Feminine Leadership & Empowerment
For Soulful Gifted Women of All Backgrounds
Beloved Sisters - of diverse and various backgrounds
You are Welcome - Celebrating You Here!
Meet Your Host & Facilitator Shawna Bluestar Newcomb
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Women's Leadership & Mentor,
Visionary Speaker, Healer & 
Spiritual Guide

Shawna Bluestar is a visionary speaker, powerful resource and advocate for women's issues, social change, conscious leadership. She has a unique background and training in personal & spiritual development which she began in her early teens. She shares powerful tools from her well-rounded background to help you learn more about yourself, live your true purpose to elevate to new heights in conscious life, wellness, leadership, and business. Shawna is committed to supporting you find liberation and healing to create authentic change and
live your big dreams.

Welcome Beloved Sister, 


We see the world changing rapidly. Women are rising up.
Are you ready to answer the call to make a difference?
Now is the time to release all fears, inhibitions, and false limitations,

to step forward into your sacred feminine power and strength. It's a different kind of power and strength; one that's rooted in the heart.

Once you sweep aside all irrelevant banter and release what no longer serves us, a clear knowing settles in: this is a time of great and wondrous change, and women are leading the way. 

It’s time for women to rise up and come together, to stand in your greatness,

to shine your light with purpose! This is a call to all of the sheroes hiding out,

holding back, playing it safe. Now is the time, to come up and out, to be a voice of change, of hope, love & light. It’s your time, sisters! 


Ancient prophecies, elders and world leaders have said for centuries that this time would come, and the importance of women stepping into your power, to help heal the world. This is a new time, when women around the world come back to yourselves, unite in sisterhood, and bring about important and much needed change; for healing the planet and people.

We're seeing these profound changes now!


The world is ready for you to release feelings of shame, guilt, fears,
and tap into your greatness, speak your truth, share your healing gifts,
and live your purpose. This is your time to shine!

You’re not alone. Let’s do this together!

With Love, Shawna Bluestar

The Power of Sisterhood
Circle of Light Events

Feminine Leadership & Empowerment 
Celebrate the Era of the Woman!
*Transformative Workshops
*Wellness for Body, Mind, Spirit
*Release Feelings of Shame, Guilt, Self-Doubt
*Find more Self-Love & Self-Acceptance
*Stand in Authentic Power & Purpose
*Discover Tools for Intuitive Self-Care & Healing
*Inspirational Stories & Wisdom
*Connect & Share with Heart-Felt Women
*Laughter, Inspired Play, Spark Creativity
*Reflection, Meditation
*Personal & Global Healing
*Clarity, Courage & Confidence
*Celebrate Who You Are & Your Gifts 
*Uplift your Spirit 
We're stronger together in Sisterhood
Women are Rising....Now is Our Time!

In Celebration & Sisterhood 


The Power Of Sisterhood

This is a call to all the Sheroes hiding out- 
the Goddess visionaries, the healers, the creative geniuses,
Those who walk a different path, who see things differently
To all awake women who feel called to make a difference


Are you looking for a safe space to:
*Shine in your Authenticity, vulnerability & Strength

*Release Fear of Judgement, Feeling isolated, or not fitting in
*Let go of what no longer serves you & move Forward
*To Be Seen, Heard & Accepted For the Goddess Wise Woman You Are
*To Share Your Voice, Intuitive gifts, and talents without apology

*Explore what it means to step into your True feminine power
*Rise as a leader in your life, community, or the world


What if you had a community of heart-felt women to
connect with, to celebrate You, and 
lift you up ? ​

-Imagine a circle to support, nurture, empower & honor
awakening women from all walks of life. 

-Imagine teachers, artists, Poets, musicians, writers, dancers,
Lightworkers, Intuitives, Empaths, Healers, creatives, 

grandmothers, mothers, And Aunties
Women of all ages, backgrounds coming together in sisterhood

 -A sisterhood of acceptance, like-hearted women passionate about 

healing themselves & wanting to make a difference in the world.

- Imagine a community of conscious women empowering & celebrating each other in their Talents, Intentions & Dreams

-Imagine a community honoring & celebrating the Shero Goddess within & exploring the magic & miracles of Life. 

-Imagine a sisterhood of women rising together to reach Their Highest Potential, Standing in their greatness
to better the world!

Schedule with Shawna:
Shawna is available for speaking events, consulting, classes, spiritual guidance readings and healing sessions.
Available for online speaking events, supporting individuals, couples & groups.
Learn More at:
Connect with Shawna:
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To Support Our Work

We are so grateful for your generous contributions to help continue the work of my father Steven Newcomb's legacy and global movementof over 40 years towards healing and education on the Doctrine of Discovery, and domination. We provide a path forward to find resilience and thrive in the often chaotic and confusing times of great changes. We're committed to a vision of peace and healing for All peoples, beings, the planet and future generations, connecting with The Reverence Code, based on the mystic path of ancient knowledge.
You help us  keep our work going.
Thank you. 
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