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Visionary Goddess Leadership Retreat

A Women's Healing & Empowerment Retreat
Embody Your Authentic Power, Purpose & Potential
August 24-25th, 2019
on a beautiful property just 10 min from Eugene, OR 
This is a call to all awakening women feeling called to rise to your greatness, live your purpose, and share your gifts!
This is a call to all of the sheros hiding out, holding back,
playing it safe. Now is the time, to come up and out,
to be a voice of change, of hope, love & light.

It’s your time to shine, sisters! You've got something special. 

Perhaps you've been feeling the call to shine brighter, to be in service for some time and can't ignore it any longer. Perhaps you want to be more visible yet have been scared to show up fully. Perhaps you're not sure where to go with all of these burning creative gifts, dreams and visions and this is bigger than you...and you're feeling ready.

*What special gifts or talents do you have locked inside?
*Do you feel stuck because you don't know what your gift is, 
or how to share it in a bigger way? 
*Are you wanting to have more clarity, confidence, courage
& support to move forward?

Visionary Goddess: A Women's Retreat is a two-day event, a safe space, where you can shine with your true purpose, heart-felt dreams, authentic power, and get clear on your big vision.

Benefits of this retreat:

-Have time for you to relax, renew and reset from busy life
-Get clear on your purpose, heart-felt mission and gifts

-Clear your blocks that hold you back, keeping you 'small'
-Deepen your spiritual connection, intuition and creative flow
-Allow yourself to receive & celebrate your powerful essence
-Dance, sing, laugh, play and have fun with women like you
-Experience healing for body, mind, heart and spirit & more!
Join our supportive sisterhood, and learn how you can also receive 
1:1 sessions 
with women's empowerment mentor Shawna Bluestar.

*This is an inclusive, respectful event. We co-create a space of support, healing, & acceptance for all. We honor our path, self-love and self-care, and others. <3
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Relax, Rejuvenate & Reconnect
located on a beautiful property 10 minute S. of Eugene
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Cost to attend both days is: $497 
August 24-25th, 10 am-4pm
Please RSVP today, limited spaces, 
Early registration discount
Bring a friend, receive a bonus gift
Location details available after registration
Questions: email
or Call 971-801-8830

With your facilitator, Shawna Bluestar, international speaker, visionary women's leadership and business consultant, with a focus on well-being and spirituality. She is an Indigenous woman (Shawnee, Lenape, Azteca) and is known as a gifted seer, healer and spiritual guide. She mentors her clients to release fears, live their true purpose, access their intuition, and share their unique gifts to create a meaningful impact in the world. She leads a global movement with her father for higher consciousness, sharing ancient and Indigenous wisdom to bring healing for humanity, Mother Earth and future generations. She teaches The Reverence Code; how to access more love, joy, compassion, peace, purpose, and fulfillment. She speaks and leads workshops at universities, festivals, and community events.

As the Divine Feminine is Rising, So Are You. Unleash your Inner Goddess! 

Visionary Goddess Leadership Retreat

A Women's Retreat

Embody Your Soul's Purpose, Power & True Potential
Girl Running in a Field
Women Eating Donut
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Woman in the Water
Natural Beauty
Explore your connection to the
Sacred Feminine and your authentic power
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Calling all Creative Sheroes, Misfits, Spiritual Entrepreneurs,
Soulful Visionary Women

Now is the time, to come up and out..

This is a time of Big Changes.Now is the Time, 
Women are Leading the Way
In this time of social, political and ecological challenges, there's a Great Shift happening. There's a need for the world to change its current operating system, based on fear. There's a great awakening in consciousness to help bring healing to the planet. This powerful awakening is connected to the rise of the Sacred Feminine. This is a time for women to step into their power, and for men to come back into their hearts. We're seeing much needed cultural shifts happen with this change; we've seen women's marches, #metoo, #timesup, and other powerful movements bringing women's voices forward, heard and accepted. This is long overdue, and something that that has been missing from society for millenia. This is a time of deep healing for humanity, our precious planet and future generations, and there's a lot of work to be done. The imbalances in our personal lives are far too many. We're seeing record numbers of people with anxiety, depression, divorce, and chronic disease, not to mention bigger issues. 
We all want to be happy, healthy, connected, and thrive, and we can.
This is a time for women to lead the way; to stand up, rise up together, and shine your light into the world! We're in this together.


Visionary Goddess: Women's Retreat is a two-day event, a safe space, where you can shine with your true purpose, heart-felt dreams, and get clear on your big vision as you step into authentic power and leadership.
Located on a beautiful property, just 10 min from downtown Eugene, OR

Location details, TBA after registration


What's holding Women Back? 

This transformative retreat is created for all women who:

*truly want to make a difference in your life, and for the planet, with more support

*have felt like you're alone in your self-doubt, fears, imposter syndrome, or feeling like you're not measuring up in some way

*carry fears that you may never live the life you truly dream of, or may not share the gifts you know you're here to share

*find your inner critic is keeping you from your true potential

*who feel yourself striving but not thriving as you know you could be

*who find yourself putting yourself last on your to do list

*want to heal your blocks around abundance and contribution

*who want to heal the sister wounds, of betrayal, envy, judgement...

this has been carried by women around the world for centuries

-This is a time to come together in celebration of sisterhood;

for women to support one another to rise to new levels in all areas.

Benefits of Visionary Goddess Women's Retreat

As the Divine Feminine is Rising, So Are You. Unleash your Inner Goddess! 

As we're seeing these dramatic shifts in our culture, women are speaking out, and stepping into leadership more and more. It's exciting to see, yet women are still holding themselves back with fears, limiting beliefs, self-doubt and negative self-talk. Women are also burning out from pushing too hard, juggling the impossible, and striving, but not thriving. Many women are yearning to live with more authenticity and purpose, with powerful dreams and visions to bring positive change to the world. Many women are opening to their intuitive gifts, healing gifts, and yet feeling uncertain how to move forward. It's time to start thriving in all areas of life, work, relationships, family, purpose, well-being, joy, peace and love.

Visionary Goddess addresses all of these concerns and more.
We will explore and begin to clear feminine wounds that keep women
from rising into their authentic power, and purpose.
Discover your own unique style of healing and purpose in the world.
Learn how you can thrive as a source for good in your own powerful way. 

What you will receive:
-A transformative experience of personal & spiritual understanding of yourself

-a space to be true to yourself, to receive, to celebrate your unique gifts
-a workbook with journal exercises, tips, tools and inspiration
-Learn the true power you hold as a woman; to heal body mind, heart, spirit.
-Connect and join a supportive sisterhood to keep thriving together
-Have fun, connect, and learn in a supportive space
-Learn about ongoing support to continue your good work forward
*Plus: As a group we will co-create a powerful vision together


Field Walk
Smiling Mature Woman
Reflecting in the Meadow
Girl Hiking in Mountains
Experience the Power of Sisterhood with like-hearted women 
What if one weekend can make all the difference?
Ready for this empowering journey? 
Cost to attend both days is $497 total
August 24-25th, 10 am-4pm
 RSVP today, limited spaces, Early Registration discount
Location details available after registration
Questions: email

or Call 971-801-8830
Schedule with Shawna:
Shawna is available for speaking events, consulting, classes, spiritual guidance readings and healing sessions.
Available for online speaking events, supporting individuals, couples & groups.
Learn More at:

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