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The Power of Wellness 

Support for Holistic Wellness, Nutrition, Healing Guidance & Self-Care Tools
Transform your energy, well-being, focus, vitality, and strength

Get Support for Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit

Tools & Practices to Look, Feel & Be at Your Best!
Let's get you energized!
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Hatha Class
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Choose from customized packages that work for you and your lifestyle
Ask about The Quality of Life Blueprint Program-Assessment & Coaching
1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month packages available
Call to set up your introductory assessment with Shawna.
The Quality of Life Blueprint Program-Assessment & Coaching

Receive tools  + inspiration + support for holistic well-being lifestyle
experience peak performance coaching for living your best life and dreams


The Quality of Life Blueprint offers customized plans
to meet the individual needs, goals and desires of the participant

Some of the Benefits Include:
greater alignment with authentic self
greater vitality, energy and life balance
experience more joy, play, ease, and creative flow
reduce inflammation
develop healthy long-lasting habits
find greater clarity, confidence, and courage
release stress, tension, anxiety
improve sleep
experience more self-love and self trust
increase feelings of trust in others
a deeper sense of connection & intimacy
elevate success in all areas of life


Areas of Focus Can Include:
Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit, Work/Play Balance


The Quality of Life Blueprint Program - Assessment & Coaching

Full Assessment & Program details
(some options included + additional available)

intake session will focus on areas of strength, habits & imbalances in specific focus areas

Body-Physical: Nutrition, imbalances, shopping lists, movement, supplements, sleep
address cravings, health concerns, digestion, inflammation, energy

Heart-Emotion IQ: master the emotional guidance scale, learn tools to increase trust
address triggers, fears, passion, love, peace for more joy & surrender

Mind-Mental Wellbeing: Learn mindfulness practices, guided meditation
address resistance, ego, stress, anxiety, attitudes, brain balance & health 

Spirit: Understand and Practice 8 Pillars of the Reverence Code
this is a Shawna's signature system to deepen your spiritual practice
activate Universal wisdom & support, increase creative flow 
address trusting intuition, messages in dreams, connection, authenticity

*this is a general spiritual practice which can be integrated in with your philosophy

1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month packages available.
Call to set up an introductory assessment with Shawna.
What would you love to transform this year?
Let's customize your personalized blueprint to help get you there!
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