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For those of you that follow numerology, spiritual synchronicity, intuition, or metaphysical teachings, how many of you have noticed how often 11:11 shows up lately? Some say this is a sign from angels, some say this is Spirit saying hello, others say it means we're on the right path, and it's about us tapping into the oneness frequency of the Universe. I certainly have noticed the pattern increasing almost everywhere I go, and I hear other people mentioning it too. Be on the look out for more of these signs & synchronicities. You may or may not have heard that January 1, 2018 brings a truly magical first day for a great year ahead.

While we've been clearing out the debris in 2017, because we're dismantling the old systems, patterns that do not serve us, and this allows us to come into higher positive energy. 2018 is about embracing the new paradigm of the Great Shift. (Listen to my Audio gift) We’re seeing the collective change starting to reach momentum. Women are stepping into our power (#metoo movement), men are coming back into their hearts, humanity is coming back to its senses. The frequency of 11 is a master number which assists us in tapping into higher spiritual levels. The master number 11 connects the spiritual and the physical, and also the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine, and pushes us into enlightenment for our higher spiritual evolution. However, we still have work to do, to release our ego. It's important to allow ourselves the space to process and let go of what needs to be released.

January 1, 2018 translates into 11:11 in numerology. The number 11 is a master number, helping us tap into our intuition, creativity and healing that's possible for ourselves & humanity. It’s about illumination, and helps guide us stepping into our divine purpose. Without a doubt 11 is the theme for 2018 bringing incredible possibilities! 2018 starts off with a powerful wolf supermoon at 11° Cancer and the sun is at 11° Capricorn on January 1st. This is the 2nd in a trifecta of supermoons. (the first supermoon was Dec 3rd, the 3rd one is Jan. 31st) This supermoon enhances the powerful energies, emotions are flowing, intuition is more accessible. Talk about a powerful start! January 1st also opens us up to an 11:11 gateway, an important time to set clear, positive intentions about what you want to see this year, and what your sacred work is to help better our world. February 16th also marks the Lunar New Year, 2018 is the year of the Dog, the 11th sign of the Chinese Zodiac. There are so many 11's in the mix this year, it's as if the Universe is saying let's shower as much magic as possible on you, and maybe even just a bit more!!

We are awakening and healing our relationship with loving ourselves, each other, and our Mother, especially our Mother Earth. We’re connecting in with the energies of the Goddess on a much deeper level. The continued test of 2018, is helping us to take an even deeper look at clearing on a personal and collective level to benefit our planet and future generations. We’re tapping into high vibrations to live into our fullest potential. It’s time to set your intentions high, and step into your courage, speak your truth, to see your heart’s deepest desires manifest this year! With all of these energies combined, this is an absolutely phenomenal start to the New Year 2018! Stay tuned for my next message, A New Direction.

With Infinite Love & Blessings, Shawna Bluestar

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